Rental Program Club Caribe

The 2017 Member Rental Program is now closed.


2017 Club Caribe Member Rental is now closed.

When does the enrollment begin?

The 2018 Member Rental Program will open October 1, 2017.

Once the level of enrollments has reached the projected allowable enrollees, the enrollment site will be closed and disabled.

Remember, the Member Rental Program DOES NOT accept fixed weeks as fixed weeks, weeks with a reservation already attached, vacation banked weeks, rollover or carry over weeks into the Member Rental Program. No floating weeks with a reservation or points already deposited with an exchange company will be accepted.

On-line Enrollement

The Member Rental Program will only be accepting enrollment information for the calendar year 2017 member rental program on-line.

Beginning on October 1, 2016 you may start the enrollment process by clicking on the appropriate link on this page.

3BR Penthouse

To conform with directions from the U. S. I.R.S. auditors, all U. S. applications must also have a signed U. S. form W-9 to be considered for acceptance.

To conform with directions from the Canadian government all Canadian citizens must also have submitted a signed W-8 form to be considered for acceptance.

Your enrollment entry will be determined by the date you complete the online application and submit. Please remember the enrollment process is not complete unless Owner Rental Program receives of both the signed contract and a signed W-9 or W-8 as a part of this enrollment.

Residents of the United States who receive a rental payout for 2016 will be provided with a form 1099 as applicable. No payouts will be made to United States residents without the required tax information.

If after review you determine the information needs to be edited and/or corrected, the only way to change information or edit is to start the process over from the beginning.

The anticipated schedule for those enrolled in the 2016 Owner Rental Program will be as follows:

Notification of Acceptance will be by email using the address provided on the application. If accepted, the payment of members’ net rental proceeds will be paid approximately sixty (60)days following the last day of the season. For example, some Winter Points will be rented through May of each year. Therefore, the first batch of checks will be sent out approximately the first part of August. Rental of members’ Summer points will go through October and as such, net rental proceeds can be expected the first part of January. Additionally, the Owner Rental Program will continue to rent members’ weeks in the second Winter Season covering the months of November and December. Payment of the net rental proceeds for those rentals can be expected early March of each year.

Sometimes, all of the points accepted into the program may still not be used. These points will be Vacation Banked into the following year at no charge. Questions regarding the program are to be directed to: