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New Look for Club Caribe Website

Club Caribe is proud to announce the launch of its new design for the members’ website; your go-to for club information and news. The team has worked hard on making the original website more user friendly as well as compatible with your mobile devices without losing any style or attention to detail. You will also find a number of new features.


Outline of New Website Sections

– About us

– Destinations

– Resorts

– My Membership

– Future Developments

– Newsletters

– Reviews and Testimonials


New Features

Your Club Caribe website now includes details about all of the resorts offered by your exclusive membership as well as up to date photographs. You can browse information about all of the destinations and find out about the new developments that are planned for the future of your membership. As before, you will be able to access all of the articles sent to you in the past newsletters.


Membership information

You will also find all of the most relevant information you might need about your membership at the click of a button. You can get the answers you need anytime of the day or night wherever you are in the world.


Reviews and Testimonials

We invite you to leave your reviews about your Club Caribe membership on our designated page. Here you can review any of the club resorts you have visited, mention experiences you have particularly enjoyed or share your stories and recommendations. Click here to leave a review