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Secure the Holidays

Certain times of the year are renowned throughout the hospitality industry at large to provoke a sense of urgency when booking accommodation. Reserving your vacation at your home away from home during the peak holiday weeks is no different, especially if you are not able to book in advance. It pays to reserve as far ahead as you can when wishing to stay during the holiday weeks, and to make sure that your membership is upgraded to offer you the broadest range of options—don’t forget that the more points you have, the more possibilities you can enjoy.


The Holiday Weeks

Let’s take a moment to remind you which weeks are considered the holiday weeks for your Club Caribe membership (which are the same for all of the resort offered by your membership).

  • Presidents Week (Week 7)
  • 2 Easter Weeks (moves each year but usually in March or April)
  • Thanksgiving Week (moves each year but usually Week 46 or 47)
  • Christmas Week (Week 51)
  • New Year’s Week (Week 52)

The Holiday Weeks

The number of club points required to stay at any of the resorts offered by your Club Caribe membership during the Holiday Weeks is higher than at other times of the year. You must also reserve 7 consecutive nights, checking in or either a Saturday or Sunday. For example, if you wish to spend Christmas and New Year at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you will have to book 14 nights total (which makes for a wonderful festive getaway, by the way). Another consideration is that you must have enough annual club points available to cover the whole week(s). Borrowed, banked or accelerated points are not applicable for Holiday Weeks. This is intended to give preference to those members who have specifically purchased enough points to be able to cover the Holiday Weeks.


How to maximize the probability of reserving Holiday Weeks

As the Club Caribe booking system works fairly on a first come, first served basis, you can certainly improve your chances by booking as early as possible. However, the best way to improve the probability of reserving the weeks you want is to upgrade your membership to ensure you have more than enough points to stay during the Holiday Weeks. Bear in mind that the more economical units are usually reserved first, with greater competition. When you have enough points to cover a larger unit, you will generally find it easier to make your reservation, even during the Holiday Weeks.

If you wish to find out more about how you can upgrade your membership, please speak to your concierge upon arrival so you can attend an update meeting.