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Maria Estela, Your Go-to for Real Estate Advice

Next time you visit Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, take time to visit the real estate office located next to the lobby and meet Maria Estela Nuñez who is on hand daily to talk to you personally about the real estate options for you and your family. The relaxed setting and warm personalized service provides you the ideal environment to ask any questions you may have about potentially upgrading your membership to ownership whether now or in the future. With her experience in real estate, Maria Estela knows how buying property requires time and patience to make sure that you get exactly what you want.


We spent some time talking to Maria Estela to find out a little about her background and why she thinks Garza Blanca Real Estate is such a wonderful opportunity, especially for members. Enjoy the interview below.


Where are you from and how did you arrive to Puerto Vallarta?

It’s a little complicated… I’m from a small town located in the mountains of Oaxaca called San Jose Independencia. My paternal grandfather emigrated from Spain when he was a teenager and settled in there. He wanted to make sure that all of his descendents belonged to that town. So, even if family members were born in other villages, he would make sure we were legally registered in San Jose Independencia. He had eleven grandchildren, all of whom were registered there. I only lived in San Jose Independencia for the first two years of my life, but if anyone asks where I am from, I will say San Jose Independencia.

As a toddler, I moved with my parents and two siblings to the south of Veracruz, which borders Oaxaca, but after my father died in a tragic motor accident when I was just six years old, we moved to Cordoba, Veracruz, which is where I completed all my schooling, high-school etc. before going to study a degree in Information Technology in Puebla. Then in 1995 I moved to Puerto Vallarta. After about two weeks in Banderas Bay, I began to work for a well-known real estate company, which is when my passion for real estate was ignited.


Do you think your father’s early passing has affected you as an adult?

I believe that it affected me in a positive way. I’m very independent, sure of myself and my actions as much as is possible. Obviously, there are always those things that I’m afraid to do or I feel as though I can’t do, difficult situations and so on, but I feel that having lived such a difficult experience at an early age made me stronger. As a young girl I had to start taking decisions. Although I have an older brother, I became the main support for my mother, so I grew up quickly and took responsibility for the house. Even today, I look after my mother. I began taking full responsibility for her after she developed various health issues. But all of these experiences have made me stronger and more independent.

How did you come to work at Garza Blanca Real Estate?

After three years working directly in real estate sales, I administered a large condominium complex before going to work for the Villa Group in the vacation ownership division for Bob Kistner, who is now also President of Garza Blanca Residence Club and the Garza Blanca Real Estate. I spent a number of years coordinating the processes involved in the sales presentations and know the vacation club industry inside and out. After that position, Bob Kistner recommended me for another position with an affiliated marketing company, Playa del Sol, where I would eventually become the Administrative Director. During that time I also completed my Masters in Business Administration. When the opportunity to return to real estate arrived, I jumped at the chance. Real estate is my real calling, and here at Garza Blanca Real Estate I can combine my love for real estate with my experience administering properties and working on behalf of owners. I have been here for two years now.

What do you bring to the position that is particularly beneficial to members?

For members, one of the personal benefits I can offer them is that I have extensive experience and knowledge of both the vacation ownership industry as well as real estate, plus I understand perfectly how their membership works, so I can offer them specific advice. They can come to me without any obligation to find out how they might upgrade to ownership. I fully recognize the processes involved in buying property in Mexico and I can provide advice about how they might use equity from their membership towards a purchase. I like to think that the Real Estate office is an inviting place where members feel comfortable to come and talk about their possibilities while they are under no pressure to commit to anything.


Why do you think upgrading to ownership is a good idea for members?

It is a fabulous idea when members want to invest in real estate which can potentially accrue in value, or if the want to return to the same residence each time they arrive avoiding making reservations. Fractional ownership provides a great compromise between membership and owning a residence outright as members can purchase four week fractions in a specific property that is shared with other specific owners in perpetuity. It can be sold, rented, left in a will and so forth. It is a secure investment that you can leave to your children or family.


What residences are for sale currently?

We are offering two and three bedroom residences on the beachfront as well as three bedroom residences on the mountainside for both fractional and full traditional ownership. We also have some stunning penthouses for sale. There is something for all tastes and needs.

How does fractional work?

It is an excellent option for those buyers who do not have the capital available or who do not wish to make such a large investment but who wish to enjoy real estate at Garza Blanca Preserve. You can afford to purchase a deeded fraction of a luxury residence that is yours forever starting with 4 week fractions. It is also a great choice for people who do not have the time to visit their vacation home so regularly. You are co-owners and can purchase as many fractions of the same property as you wish, and you may use the equity from your fraction at any time to purchase a residence fully for your sole use.


What is the future of Garza Blanca Real Estate?

The future is very exciting indeed. In addition to the two Garza Blanca Resorts currently under construction in Los Cabos and Cancun—which is sure to offer opportunities for owners to use their Signature Points to stay in other locations—,the land directly next door to the current Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta will also be developed. The plans have yet to be revealed for Puerto Vallarta but what I can share is that there will certainly be a host of new amenities for owners to enjoy and the potential for more real estate.

Garza Blanca Los Cabos

What do you love most about Puerto Vallarta?

I love how the local experience and the tourist attractions of Puerto Vallarta are fully integrated. There’s a great mix. Visitors are not limited to staying within a tourist zone, the attractions are everywhere. Also, I love the weather and the mountains.

To contact Maria Estela Nuñez for more information about real estate, please call (+52) 322 176 0728 or visit the real estate office on your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta.