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New Year Message from Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Dear Members,


As this year draws to a close, I am sure that you, like me, are taking time to reflect upon the challenges you have faced this past year, not only on a personal level, but also reflecting on those events that have affected different parts of the world. For many of us, this time of year helps us to remember what we value most: our families, our loved ones and all the magical moments we have enjoyed together.


At Villa del Palmar Cancun, the main objective this year has been dedicated to just that: to bring our workforce together like one big family, so that our team members adopt the resort as their home, which in turn helps to create an environment where you, as members, can feel their genuine affection and commitment to your home away from home.


New Faces

I am pleased to announce that 2017 brought some new faces to our team, Miriam Pastrana joined us as our new executive housekeeper in November of this past year; Chef Oscar Macedo became Head Chef of Zama restaurant and we are also very happy with the promotion of Chef Fabian Aceves as Chef Patron of Davino (previously in charge of Zamá).



We have been very conscientious this year; 2017 has been characterized as a year of intense training. Personally, I believe that continuous training is the basis of success. The most important initiative was the training given by experts in AAA service standards. Each and every one of our dear colleagues attended this training session. Today, despite the different challenges we face every day, our members and guests will hopefully recognize the quality of our service and the warmth of our staff members.


Also, continuing with our commitment to ongoing improvements, we are preparing a new recreational and lounge area, located next to the activities palapa. During the day, the Zak lounge serves as a trendy common area where you can enjoy the sun, while in the afternoons we will have a weekly live music program to enjoy before or after dinner. The music program will begin at the end of January once the lounge furniture has been fully installed.



We have a number of goals for the year ahead with our main one being to provide you with plenty of opportunity for rest and pampering. Here are some of the highlights we have planned:


Investment in the Studios

Based on our analysis of the AAA 4 Diamond standards, we will be investing in improvements to the Studio suites. Without a doubt, this is a great project that will add value to your units. This also means incorporating a new line of better quality bedding, towels and pillows for your comfort as well as our long-awaited flagship mattress brand which has been developed by a prestigious world-class company. From 2018, we will begin to replace all of our mattresses over a 3-year period.



We will be updating the image of our Caprichos restaurant, which includes a complete change of furniture and decorative elements to create a more welcoming atmosphere.



You can expect changes and improvements to our menus in the different restaurants, with particular focus on La Casona where we will also be investing in the restaurant’s image and atmosphere.



We will be creating a new program of activities and entertainment.

Your input

Last but not least, we will continue to learn from all of you through your valuable comments and observations every time you visit us, since most of our initiatives start in response to your needs and feedback.


I am extremely grateful to be part of this great family, I sincerely hope that you will spend a happy New Year in the company of your loved ones, that peace and unity will come to your homes, and that next year will be a year full of happiness for each and every one of you.


Your friend,

Juan Carlos Gonzalez