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A Day Trip to Isla Mujeres

At night the lights of Isla Mujeres glisten like the eyes of mystical mermaids calling you across the water from Villa del Palmar Cancun; by day the island comes alive with tourist driven mopeds and golf carts. Every 30 minutes the tourist ferry leaves for Isla Mujeres from Puerto Juarez, just a short taxi ride or bus adventure from your home away from home at Villa del Palmar Cancun. In just 18 minutes you arrive at Isla Mujeres after being serenaded with renditions of La Bamba and La Cucaracha by the on-board saxophonist who appreciates a coin or two as you leave for your Island adventure.

Just 2000 feet wide and almost 5 miles long, it becomes very obvious why everyone seems to be buzzing around on bicycles, mopeds and golf carts. There are countless places to rent some form of transportation to navigate the island, with most places offering similar prices, around $50 USD a day for a golf cart or $15 USD an hour. The best thing to do, however, is to first get your bearings by turning left when you leave the ferry port, walking to North Beach (Playa Norte), which is one of the island’s most picturesque beaches for swimming, lazing and enjoying lunch.  

From Playa Norte, you can see Villa del Palmar Cancun across the sea in the distance as you wade in the crystal clear waters that never seem to get any deeper than your chest. Here the color of the Caribbean Sea is postcard perfect and you would be forgiven for deciding to lounge all day on the beach and leave exploration for another visit. If you stay for lunch and like fish, ask for the local specialty, Tikinxic Fish of the Day which comes in a red sauce.

For Club Caribe adventurers, renting a golf cart, moped or bicycle is a great way of exploring Isla Mujeres. Being that the island is so small, you can circuit the main sights within a hour, although more time is recommended so that you can stop and explore in more detail along the way, maybe visiting the turtle sanctuary or swimming with the dolphins. You will also encounter plenty of souvenir shops on the main avenue near North Beach.

On the southern tip of the island you will find a Mayan temple in honor of the Goddess Ixchel, which is certainly worth a visit. In fact, the island takes its name, Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) from the many female statues revering the goddess found by the first Spanish Explorers to come to the Island.

Getting back to Villa del Palmar Cancun is as simple and as fun as your arrival, just make sure you leave before the last ferry at 11pm.