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Cabo – Better Than Ever!

The sun is shining, the sea is calm and Villa del Palmar Los Cabos is as fabulous as ever.

Club Caribe members looking to reserve at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos will be pleased to hear that the effects of Hurricane Odile in September are already a distant memory. In fact, Villa del Palmar Los Cabos remained unscathed by the storm and was one of the few resorts open within days of the cyclone’s passing. As soon as the airport reopened, Villa del Palmar Cabo was among the first to receive hotel guests and valued members.

Today in Cabo San Lucas, you would hardly know that a hurricane had passed its way, partly because of an exceptionally successful clean-up operation but also due to Cabo’s storm-proof infrastructure. The beaches didn’t take long to regain their beauty and brighten up the shores with dazzling yellow sand for which Cabo is renowned and loved; and Cabo’s verdant palms remained sturdy reminders of nature’s mastery. It goes without saying that Cabo’s bars and restaurants were quick to reopen, with many only suffering superficial damage. You can’t keep a great thing down for long!

Villa del Palmar Los Cabos

Members should be reassured by Villa del Palmar resorts’ great reputation for quality construction, materials and architectural design, knowing that all the resort facilities and units are built to withstand all kinds of unusual weather conditions that might be experienced in coastal locations. Furthermore, on this occasion, Villa del Palmar Los Cabos was able to successfully sustain itself, along with those guests and members who were unable to return home, with power from its generator and water supplies. No structural damage was received, just a inconvenient clean-up operation.

Helping the Wider Community

In the wake of Hurricane Odile, we should remember that there were a number of less fortunate families and local business affected in the area. Together with The Eagles Wings Foundation, Villa del Palmar Los Cabos took steps to provide basic supplies and water to victims of the storm.