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Cabo Wobo-ling in Los Cabos

Former Van Halen frontman and all-round rockstar, Sammy Hagar first fell in love with Los Cabos in the early 1980s when he visited the town. At this point Cabo San Lucas was little more than a sleepy fishing village with amazing scenery and very little development on the go. Nonetheless, Sammy envisioned opening a tequila bar with a small stage in the sunny Baja California town

So, how is it that this rockers’ dream of Cabo Wabo went from a mere idea to a nightlife legend and tequila legacy in Los Cabos? Read on…

The Cabo Wabo Cantina

Thanks to Hagar’s vision, and a financial partnership with his Van Halen bandmates, the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas opened its doors in 1990 to plenty of excitement and buzz! Despite its popularity, Cabo Wabo struggled financially in the early days due to mismanagement, and Hagar ended up buying his bandmates’ shares to keep the dream alive. Once in full control he hired a management team that fit his vision and business model, and the bar began to really thrive. Rather than focusing solely on the tourist trade, Cabo Wabo made its name as a hangout for locals, too, and so its business was year-round!

Local and tourist hangout

Now that Cabo San Lucas has grown into a party hotspot for both locals and tourists alike, Cabo Wabo remains one of the most sought-after party spots in town. Cabo Wabo is a haven for rockers who like to party; you won’t find the top 40 list in here! Not only will you find that good rock is piped in, but Cabo Wabo very often features live music performed by local bands, by Hagar himself, or by some of his visiting friends.

The Tequila

After years of selling other mainstream brands of premium tequila in the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Hagar developed his own high-quality tequila to grace the shelves of his bar in the late 1990s. Working with a family owned distillery in Jalisco he created a tequila that now has quite the cult following! In 1999 a wine importer from Napa Valley began to import Hagar’s tequila to the USA, and this really launched its success outside of Mexico. Today this tequila is one of the most popular tequila brands in the US!

Where Did the Name Come From?

Before the Cabo Wabo Cantina, or its self-named tequila, ever existed, Sammy Hagar coined the clever play on words that would become a phenomenon. It all started when he noticed a man who had clearly had a bit too much to drink; he was staggering around and having a tough time walking. The musician remarked that he was doing the “Cabo Wobble”, which he shortened to Cabo Wabo. Thus, a legend was born!


So, are you ready to do the Cabo Wobble in the famous Cabo Wabo Cantina?