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Cancun Fishing Tours

When an exhilarating sea fishing adventure is at the top of your vacation wish list, look no further than the Caribbean hotspot of Cancun, Mexico, to fulfill all of your angling desires!  Teeming with a rich diversity of fish species, the clear turquoise waters around Cancun will no doubt shape your fishing experience into a remarkable event that will create memories that last a lifetime.  From being able to practice the fishing styles you prefer, to finding the fish species you most want to catch, there are countless ways for you to plan and enjoy personalized fishing tours in Cancun, making the Yucatan Peninsula one of the most sought-after regions for fisherman from around the world.

While there is plenty of fishing action throughout the year on Cancun’s waters, some fish species simply aren’t here all year, which is why planning your vacation based on the most active time for your top choice of fish is a wise move.

There are many reputable fishing tour companies in the area and most include all of the necessities you might need for a day of fun such as bait, tackle, fishing licenses and all the necessary fishing equipment. The majority of tours also include drinks (and sometimes food), so look into the details about your tour before you set off. Head to the tour agency on site at Villa del Palmar Cancun for more information about specific tours and ask if you can use your Members Discount card.    


Deep Sea Fishing

If a big trophy fish is what you are after, deep sea fishing in Cancun is sure to deliver.  Reeling in a big game fish like wahoo, tuna, sailfish, marlin or mahi mahi is a total rush, so make sure you capture the moment with lots of photos to show off to friends and family!

Bottom Fishing

Families will have a great time bottom fishing, which is more interactive than deep sea fishing because you drop fishing lines straight down in the water to depths between 200 and 600 feet.  Although the fish are often smaller when bottom fishing, they are usually delicious and results are good throughout the year.  


Fly Fishing

There are two fantastic areas for fly fishing; the lagoons near Cancun’s hotel zone and the region around Isla Blanca where the waters are filled with snapper, bonefish and barracuda.  Since the water is shallow, your excursion will take place in a flat-bottom boat made for these exact conditions.  

Major Fish Species: Their Most Popular Times of the Year

Amberjack (10-50 lbs): November- April

Barracuda (10-50 lbs): November- August

Blue Marlin (70-900 lbs): June & July

Bonito (5-25 lbs): All year

Grouper (10-50 lbs): All year

Kingfish (10-50 lbs): December- March

Mackerel (5-30 lbs): All year

Mahi-Mahi (10-50 lbs): April- July

Sailfish (80-220 lbs): January- July

Shark (200-500 lbs): All year

Snapper (5-25 lbs): May- September

Tuna (10-30 lbs): All year

Wahoo (20-80 lbs): October- January


Make your vacation one to remember with an exciting fishing tour in Cancun!