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Canopy Ziplining in Cancun

If you could do anything on your vacation in Cancun what would it be? Would you sit by the sea and soak up the rays like you have so many times before? Or would you rather do something completely different? Ziplining canopy tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya could present just the opportunity you and your travelling companions are looking for.

Imagine flying through the jungle, above the rivers and deep ravines, at high speed and altitude, seeing everything the natural landscape of Cancun has to offer from a unique vantage point. This might sound like something out of an action movie, but canopy tours make adventure a reality for you and your family.


Canopy Ziplining in Cancun

As a Club Caribe member, you have probably already noticed that Mexico is a vast and beautiful country which is full of character and culture. From the stunning white sand beaches to the mysterious jungles and sparkling waters, there is much to see. Almost too much, in fact, which is why canopy tours are such a great idea. You can see the cenotes and Mayan ruins from above, with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face.

There are countless kilometres of trails to be experienced in and around Cancun, some as high as 45 meters, some dipping as much as 8 meters below the surface; all of them chock full of wonderful sights.


It’s not just about the memories you’ll make while whizzing through the jungle, though; it’s about the fact that you’ll be able to share this experience with your friends, family, and/or partner. Studies have shown that shared experiences help to build and maintain strong and lasting bonds. This is the real benefit of taking vacations with the people you care about; whether you’re screaming with delight or borderline terror, whether you’re relaxing or thrill-seeking, what is important is that you share it with the most important people in your life.

Ask the tour agency on site at Villa del Palmar Cancun to recommend a great canopy tour for you and your family; and don’t forget to use your members discount card from the concierge.