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Colomitos, The Smallest Beach In México

The Emerald Hidden in the Mexican Pacific
Less than an hour from downtown Puerto Vallarta is a special place, surrounded by exquisite flora and adorned by a warm, golden beach, where numerous varieties of marine fauna coexist and where unique and wonderful sunsets over the ocean can be appreciated.

An authentic jewel where tranquility and adventure converge, where the senses are enlivened and the pleasure of being in the sea is felt all around.

Playa Colomitos offers diversity in its maximum splendor because to get to this particular place, you either can hike the trails from the road to Barra de Navidad, or you can take any of the boats that depart around Puerto Vallarta.

Besides the small size of this beach, the calm and warm waters, spectacular view and comforting breeze are the first things you will notice about Playa Colomitos. It is a beautiful tiny destination that invites you to stay from sunrise to sunset, walk in the jungle, rest on the sand, capture photographs, dive, fish, explore the nearby beaches, and taste the delicious cuisine that is offered at Boca de Tomatlan.

Playa Colomitos will leave you with the feeling of longing to return soon to continue to appreciate the beautiful scenery that is there waiting for your next visit!

Your day at Playa Colomitos will be a unique experience and, best of all, it’s always repeatable and accessible to you any time you are in Puerto Vallarta! Just remember to bring comfortable clothes, suitable accessories to carry out your activities, and above all take care of the space and live the moment.