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Cozumel – A Magnificent Day Trip from Cancun

There are few places in the world that offer experiences quite like Cozumel.  The small island, boasting the heart of Mexico and the soul of the Caribbean, is just a small distance and short ferry ride from the tourist-favorite city of Cancun.  While both offer beach-scattered coastlines and beautiful coral reefs, it’s the quaint feeling of Cozumel’s lifestyle and combination of Afro-Latino cultures that makes it such a magnificent day trip from the fast-paced shores of Cancun.

Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, Cozumel is more than your typical beach destination.  Blanketed in emerald jungles and ribbons of white sand, the largest island in Mexico is a nature lover’s paradise.  As home to a large variety of marine and wildlife, in addition to phenomenal sunsets and heavenly lagoons, absorbing the grandeur of Cozumel’s beauty becomes almost inevitable. While birdwatching and nature hikes are among the favored pastimes, it is the tranquility which they provide that sets Cozumel apart from all the rest.  fish-cozumel

There is so much to do and see while visiting Cozumel, but with the relatively small size of the island, it’s easy to get most of it done in a day.  If you are looking for an incredible dive site, Cozumel is just the place for you.  Ranking among the top five dive destinations in the world, the island offers stunning coral reefs that are teeming with schools of tropical fish, endangered sea turtles and a plethora of marine life that create unbelievable underwater adventures.  The unusually clear water allows for better visibility than almost anywhere else in the world, making it not only a great place to dive but also a superb spot for snorkeling as well.


For those looking to stay on land, Cozumel has a myriad of sights to see that make the day trip more than worth the while.  Visitors to the area can hike the Botanical Garden trail, which features more than 350 different plant species.  You can also head to the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve, where you’ll be able to see crocodiles, iguanas and giant sea turtles.  Explore El Cedral and the San Gervasio Ruins for a glimpse into the ancient Mayan history or you can even journey through the Discover Mexico exhibit and enjoy the history and culture of Mexico all in one amazing place.

As a Club Caribe Member, it is easier than ever to enjoy Cozumel.  Visit the concierge at Villa del Palmar Cancun and they will help you plan an amazing day trip, or if you prefer to head out on your own, they can at least point you in the right direction or help you rent a car.