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Desert Tours by ATV, Horseback and Camel

Los Cabos is a place of amazing scenery which is fully natural; this is a wonderland and utter playground for anyone who loves to spend time in the great outdoors, and it’s not short of outdoorsy tours to enjoy, either. Because Los Cabos is such a popular tourist destination, there’s a good variety of tours for all tastes and preferences. The most popular tours tend to involve riding something: an ATV, a camel, a horse… you get the idea. These are thrilling experiences which may well be the highlight of your trip.

ATV Tours in Cabo

The rugged beauty of Baja California is famous, and there are few better ways to see it than while operating an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). If you sign up to one of these tours, you will be equipped with all the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable in the desert that surrounds Los Cabos; just make sure you don’t wear your best clothes as they are likely to get covered in dirt, dust, grime, and sweat. In many cases you will see the vistas of the Sierra Madre mountains, stunning canyons, and drive along the shoreline as the waves crash on the sand—all in one tour!

Horseback riding in Cabo

Whether you’re a consummate professional equestrian, or you’ve always dreamed of making your way down a stunning beach on horseback, you can find a tour to enjoy in Cabo. The well-trained horses used for such tours are powerful, but gentle and calm, and should pose no issue for even raw beginners. The guides are experienced and highly-trained, and so will make the experience fun and safe for people of all ages. Horseback tours along the coastline are good for both the animals and the riders, as the horses, too, can reap the benefits of fresh air, light exercise and the sea breeze.

Camels! Yes, Camels!

Camelback tours are not something that people necessarily expect when they come to Mexico, but they are something you can choose to do while in Los Cabos. You may feel like you’re in the Arabian desert when you first climb up onto the camel, but the scenery will remind you that you are definitely in Mexico. While touring the desert and canyons, you will have ample opportunity to take pictures and get to know the many species of flora and fauna around you. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

When planning a visit to Cabo be sure to consider one of these tours.