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Diving at the Islands of Loreto: The Aquarium of the World

One of Mexico’s grandest treasures lies beneath the calm waters of Danzante Bay, a small aquatic inlet situated in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Baja California.  The “Aquarium of the World,” as once dubbed by famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, offers visitors a chance to explore 465 square miles of unscathed underwater marvels that have divers from around the world awestruck.

As home to over 5,000 species of marine life, five breathtaking islands and a United Nations’ Protected Marine Park, Danzante Bay and the Islands of Loreto is truly a diver’s paradise.

Its location on the Eastern side of the Baja Peninsula makes Loreto the idyllic place for the ultimate diving adventure.  Protected from the strong currents and rough waters of the Pacific, the Marine Park is teeming with schools of fish, hordes of exotic marine life and the occasional whale, which makes the bay its home for a few months each year.   Divers can expect to encounter an astounding underwater world that leaves few disappointed.


When scuba diving at the Islands of Loreto divers can choose between a variety of sites, including Isla Del Carmen, Danzante Island, Los Candeleros, Coronado Island, Piedra Blanca and La Lobera, among others.  Each site offers a unique experience, filled with incredible encounters and a safe diving environment.  Isla Del Carmen (Carmen Island) is one of the most popular dive sites in the region due to a shipwreck that has become home to countless marine life and a beautiful coral reef.
When diving at this memorable site, divers can expect sensational photo ops and a wealth of exotic encounters, including one with a whale shark who has been known to hang out in area.  As a relatively shallow dive, only reaching up to 35 feet, Isla Del Carmen is a fantastic site for both expert and novice divers.  It is even a great place to snorkel for those not ready to explore the depths of the sea floor.


Danzante Island is another great site when scuba diving at the Islands of Loreto.  It is here that stunning rock formations and stair-stepped walls stun divers as they explore the deep canyons and small crevices that are home to extensive arrays of marine life, such as the hard and soft corals that cover the walls and the eels, starfish, staghorn crab and octopus that hide amid the rocks.

Experiencing the underwater world that has astounded so many makes adding Loreto to your diving bucket list a must.   You’ll not only be impressed by the versatility of the dive sites but you’ll also be amazed by the plethora of marine life that makes the area its home.  While some only choose to spend a day on an scuba diving adventure, Danzante Bay and the Islands of Loreto make the perfect destination for an incredible dive vacation.