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Dreaming of a White (Sand) Christmas?

As summer turns into fall and fall turns into winter, visions of jingle bells and a white Christmas begin making their way into the minds of children and adults who can’t wait for the holiday season to start.  But as the cold starts to kick in and the freezing snow starts to fall, the nostalgia of a white Christmas begins to fade.  It is at this point that a different kind of white Christmas, one spent upon the beautiful white sand beaches of Cancun’s Caribbean coast, becomes undeniably appealing.  Club Caribe members can celebrate Christmas in style at Villa del Palmar Cancun, a destination that guarantees sensational memories for the entire family.  

Why vacation in Cancun in December?

When vacationing in Cancun during the month of December, visitors can expect blue skies, the warmth of the shining sun, and far-reaching expanses of turquoise blue waters that reach out to the beautiful sunrises that continuously grace the shores of Mexico’s eastern coast.
The near perfect weather is one of the best reasons to visit Cancun for the holidays.  With average temperatures hovering around 80ºF, a vacation during the month of December can be just the break you need to catch a second wind.  

Arriving to Cancun during the week before Christmas is the perfect time to experience the Winter Solstice, which falls on Monday, December 21, 2015.  The once great Mayan Civilization, which inhabited the lands of Mexico and Central America, believed the solstice to be of great importance not only as the birth of a new solar year, but also as the beginning of a new Great Cycle of time in which shifts in human consciousness occur.  Because of its vast importance, the Mayans celebrated the winter solstice with elaborate ceremonies and grand rituals.  


Throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, solstice celebrations are prevalent, with many people flocking to places like Chichen Itza, where the sun can be seen rolling up the side of El Castillo before taking its place in the winter sky.  Club Caribe members can take advantage of the proximity of the El Meco Mayan ruins, which sit just five minutes from the resort.  Here, tourists and locals are welcomed to the singing and meditations that take part throughout the day; a unique chance to experience firsthand the grandeur of the Mayan civilization.


Aside from the Winter Solstice, there are a variety of other celebrations going on during the month of December that will put even the grumpiest person in the Christmas spirit.  On the 12th of December, Mexicans celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe, a prominent religious figure in Mexican culture with elaborate festivities and parades throughout the streets.
There are also a variety of Posadas, the equivalent of a Mexican Christmas party, where friends and families gather to celebrate the holiday season.  A traditional Mexican posada will have a number of key elements, including singing, food and drink.  Guests can expect the breaking of the piñata, buñuelos (fried pastries sprinkled with cinnamon), atole (a corn based beverage served hot), and tamales.  

It is customary in Mexico to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, or Noche Buena as it is called in Spanish.  During this time most restaurants and shops will be closed, but guests of Villa del Palmar Cancun will have more than enough to keep them entertained during the holiday.

The stunning five-star resort celebrates Christmas every year with a slew of festivities and incredible Christmas dinners at each of the resort’s five delicious dining options.  Enjoy a different kind of white Christmas this year at Villa del Palmar Cancun, your home away from home.