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Experience a Dazzling Secret River Excursion

There is something magical about experiencing new and exciting things while on vacation, and visiting the incredible Rio Secreto (Secret River) should be at the top of your list when spending time in Mexico’s Caribbean. Situated near Playa del Carmen, this natural wonderland is sure to leave you in breathless awe. You will be led in an unforgettable exploration of a mystical underground river where extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites decorate the space in dramatic fashion.

Nature’s Visual Wonders

With thousands of these geological formations to encounter, this excursion is a feast for the eyes. Imagine floating in the crystal-clear fresh water of an underground river as you gaze above at the incredible visual wonders created by nature throughout millions of years. You don’t need to be a geology buff to enjoy this amazing site; in fact, those who visit without much prior knowledge on the subject may walk away from the experience feeling the most inspired by what they have seen.

The Secret River Excursion

Under the guidance of an expert, you will hike and swim along a route that is roughly 1 kilometer long, giving you ample time to truly appreciate the sights that surround you. Travel through an underground cave where the serene and quiet atmosphere sets the tone for viewing some of the world’s most stunning mineral formations. This activity will surely amaze and delight you, and when it is over you will have some of the most wonderful vacation memories you have ever created to look back on fondly.

Vacation Experiences of a Lifetime

With a range of ecotours to choose from, you can decide on the one that is right for you. You will be outfitted with all of the proper gear to safely enjoy every moment of the tour, including a wetsuit, life jacket, a helmet with headlamp and towels to dry off when it is over. These small group tours allow a maximum of just 10 people, thus creating a very individualized experience. This incredible subterranean journey is something you definitely will not want to miss.


Experience the wonders of nature like never before by embarking on a Secret River excursion!