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Fishing Tours: Ascension Bay and Chinchorro

Club Caribe fishing fans who have thus far enjoyed Cancun’s local fishing opportunities can now find something a little different just a few short hours from the heart of Cancun. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere (pronounced See-Ann-Can), home to Chinchorro and Ascension Bay, is the epitome of a fisherman’s paradise. This natural preserve is one of the few places in the world where you can wade in turquoise blue waters, surrounded by mangroves and the sun’s warming rays, while fishing any time of the year. Boasting some of the most incredible opportunities for fishing excursions in the world, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere guarantees spectacular fishing experiences, especially of the fly fishing sort.

Fishing at Chinchorro

Banco Chinchorro is hands down one of the best fishing sites in all of the Caribbean.

An exquisite collection of sea grass beds, mangroves, white sand flats and coral reefs, Chinchorro is a stunning retreat for fisherman looking to cast out into one of the world’s greatest fishing holes. This atoll reef, some 22 miles from Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, is an incredible ring-shaped coral reef that is teeming with schools of bonefish, permits, mahi mahi and barracuda.

Chinchorro Bank houses a beautiful lagoon and sandy islets that create a magical site for all types of fishing excursions. Troll the turquoise blue waters for larger breeds of fish or wade among the sandy flats for an exceptional fishing experience. Top off the adventure by getting up close and personal with the many golden iguanas or saltwater crocodiles and you’ll have the ultimate Chinchorro experience.
Fishing at Ascension Bay

Ascension Bay is a fly fisherman’s dream. On any given day, one can cast their lines in for a chance to catch incredible numbers of bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, jacks, barracuda or any of the other multitudes of fish that frequent the calm waters of the bay. This fishing mecca, located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, allows saltwater anglers to embark upon a unique adventure, where miles of white sand flats offer the perfect fishing conditions.

Tours to Ascension Bay head out year round and those who choose to take the trek are rarely disappointed. There is something about wading in ankle-deep 70 degree water with a rod in your hands and the possibility of scoring a super slam that makes a fishing excursion to Ascension Bay an unparalleled experience. While the excitement of fly fishing is what lures them in, it’s the sweeping vistas and 300 miles of fish-filled waters that keep Ascension Bay at the top of any angler’s list.