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Highlights from Puerto Vallarta’s Whale Watching Season

Boasting an impressive dining scene, adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures, loads of nightlife options and miles of stunning beaches and coastline, the beloved destination of Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer.  However, throughout the winter season, the biggest highlight here has to be the dedicated whale watching excursions that take to the waters of Banderas Bay every day in search of the humpback whales that flock to the area.  


The region is fortunate enough to play host to a large population of visiting humpback whales who journey here on their annual migration to spend the winter months in warmer waters.  The official whale season goes from December through to the beginning of April, giving locals and visitors alike plenty of opportunity to view them in their natural habitat.


A Getaway for Whales

Because of its location on Banderas Bay, which is protected from the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta makes a perfect haven for humpback whales to enjoy their mating rituals, give birth and teach their youngsters everything they will need to know when they travel back north to cooler waters at the end of the season.  The balmy temperatures the area is famous for not only make whale watching a delight for tourists, this translates to warmer water for the whales to thrive in as well.  With so many whales spending their winter in Banderas Bay, you are sure to have the time of your life as you watch them in all of their glory.  


What is it about Humpbacks?

Humpback whales are especially magical to view because they happen to be the most active of all the baleen whale species.  As if ready for their time in the spotlight, they enjoy a repertoire of movements including twirling, breaching, jumping and socializing, all of which delight anyone lucky enough to witness the amazing sight.  You won’t believe your eyes when you see these colossal creatures putting on a thrilling acrobatic show.  Another intriguing fact about humpbacks is that they have the largest vocal range of all baleen whales, and this talent certainly doesn’t go to waste.  Humpbacks sometimes communicate by performing “songs”, which can be heard underwater by nearby snorkelers and divers, while boats equipped with a hydrophone and speakers are able to play these delightful sounds above water as well.  


They’ll Lead the Way

Part of the fun and excitement of whale watching season is that every day presents a new and different challenge to locate their activity.  You can never be sure where they might surface, making every tour unique.  These wondrous giants have the entire bay to wander, play in and explore, which is why every tour must simply follow their lead.  Reputable whale watching companies have amazing expert guides on hand who are extremely knowledgeable about humpback whales in addition to several other species you might encounter on your tour, making your experience not only wildly entertaining, but educational as well.  
You won’t want to miss an adventure of a lifetime with a whale watching excursion on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta! Why not use your members’ discount card that you can get from your concierge upon arrival to use at the onsite tour agency?