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Holbox Island near Cancun: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Not too far off Cancun’s coastline, Holbox Island is an unspoiled haven off the beaten tourist path. This enchanting island, situated on the pristine waters of the shallow Yalahau Lagoon, is home to a small fishing village and a legion of marine life and fauna that have been captivating nature lovers and those seeking to spend time in one of the few remaining natural paradises on earth.

Holbox Island, most well known for its large congregation of whale sharks from May to September, is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled escape. When visiting the area, you’ll be awestruck by the serene beauty that stretches from one end of the 42 kilometer island to the other. Seemingly endless white sand beaches, tranquil waters and a quiet little town offer visitors an experience unparalleled by many other places around the world.

The surrounding nutrient-rich waters and virtually unchanged landscapes are home to a large variety of marine life, including manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles and whale sharks. Those who visit the island often come in search of the incredible snorkel and scuba diving opportunities, as well as the world class fishing; and few leave disappointed. Swimming with whale sharks, one of the most docile creatures in the world, is an unforgettable experience that makes visiting Holbox well worth your time.

Holbox is also home to over 150 different species of birds, as well as a large variety of reptiles, that make it great for birdwatching and nature hikes. Pink flamingos, white and brown pelicans, roseate spoonbills, herons, snowy and reddish egrets and double-crested cormorants are among the various species that have made Holbox Island their home. While most commonly preferred by nature lovers, Holbox Island is also a popular destination for kiteboarders, who take advantage of the consistent winds that reach the island.




How to get to Holbox

Holbox Island is about a two hour drive from Cancun and can only be reached by ferry or air.  Its seclusion from the bustling streets of the city is all part of the draw, and making Holbox Island part of your vacation is sure to be a pleasing experience. Excursions to the island can be organized through Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s tour agent, so why not ask your Club Caribe concierge upon arrival.