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Isla Contoy – Beach, Birds and Stunning Blue Water

Just miles off the coast of Cancun is a beautiful island where beach, birds and stunning blue water are leaving visitors awestruck and inspired.  Isla Contoy, a National Park located in Quintana Roo, is the ideal escape for Club Caribe travelers looking to appreciate the wonders of nature in a peaceful and serene setting.  The Mexican paradise, boasting 317 hectares of sandy white beaches, palm-speckled terrain and lush vegetation, is a marvel for all to see.  

Isla Contoy’s Feathered Friends

The relatively small sanctuary, just over five miles long, is undoubtedly one of the most important habitats for nesting birds in all of the Mexican Caribbean.  As home to over 150 migrating and resident bird species, Isla Contoy is a bird lover’s paradise. Its idyllic location, where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico merge into one, offers a refuge for the wildlife that call the island their home.  While frigate, brown pelicans and double-crested cormorants are among the most commonly viewed species, the island is a great place to spot a number of other birds that are either partial or full-time residents.


Underwater Exploration

Isla Contoy isn’t just a haven for our feathered friends, it is teeming with marine life that also make it a great place for snorkeling and swimming.  When arriving by boat, the only way to reach the island, you’ll be amazed at the crystal clear water and soft, white sand that glistens under the sun.  Your first steps onto the island will more than likely be met with a friendly greeting from the local biologists and a spatter of attention as fish and baby stingrays dance around your feet.  Don’t be afraid to savor the moment, because such unique experiences are hard to come by.  


With such close proximity to Villa del Palmar Cancun, it can be tempting to jump on a boat and head to Isla Contoy for a relaxing day in the sun.  However, due to conservation projects, admission to the island is restricted to just 200 visitors a day.   Licensed tour groups and a small number of individual permissions make visiting the Contoy Island an exclusive privilege.
The limited capacity not only allows the protected National Park to preserve its sustainability for the benefit of future generations, but it also keeps the bird lover’s paradise a haven of serenity for all those who make the trip.  Make sure you book your tour as soon as you arrive or before to avoid disappointment.