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Isla Mujeres is about to throw a party! Be sure not to miss Island Time Music and Fishing Fest!

Island Time Music and Fishing Fest is a music festival and an annual fishing tournament hosted on the idyllic island of Isla Mujeres. Each year, hundreds of people congregate on the island to have a good time and delight in intimate and vibrant performances by celebrated singers and songwriters. 

The fishing tournament is also thriving and is enjoyed by many fishermen of all different angling abilities. Some attend to win 1st prize while others go for leisure. One thing both have in common is having the opportunity to fish in some of the most picturesque waters in the Caribbean. Rather spectacularly, all proceeds accumulated from the festival and fishing activities go towards a great cause: the Little Yellow Schoolhouse, which is a charity benefiting the children of Isla Mujeres. So, whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a music lover, be sure not to miss this incredible and joyous event, where good times and goodwill rendezvous under the same sky! 

The festival was launched when it became apparent that more facilities were needed for special needs children on the island. The aim was to help raise enough money so that the children could go to a correctly facilitated school free of charge and receive the proper support needed so they could learn and thrive. Due to the successes of the Island Time Music and Fishing Fest, the school now has over 50 students and six classrooms! The Little Yellow Schoolhouse’s mission is ever-growing, and they’re aiming to expand the school and hire more full-time teachers. 

Every year, renowned and celebrated singers and songwriters from Nashville make their way to the paradisiacal island ready to put on a show! You can enjoy the performances at a number of stunning venues and locations across the island, such as Fenix Beach Club, Jenny Penny Beach Boutique and the Downtown Esplanade, where the atmosphere is spirited and vivacious. Each venue serves flavorful food, with a piquant and ambrosial island twist and has an inviting drinks menu offering cocktails, beers, soft drinks, and more!   

Expect to delight in the different genres of music, ranging from Jazz to Rock n’ Roll to Country. After performing, the musicians love to mix with the crowd and share their stories and experiences. This year’s music lineup is exciting and diverse, with popular artists confirmed such as Love and Theft, Honeysuckle Rose, Natalie Stovell, and Rob Hatch. Get your dancing shoes on and be ready to revel in outstanding live music! 

The crystal clear, blue waters of Isla Mujeres are a fisherman’s euphoria. The tournament takes place during the winter season when Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo arrive in mass and take home near the resplendent and shimmering coral reefs. Whether you’re a competitive fisherman or whether you fish for recreation, the tournament is the perfect opportunity to show off your angling skills, meet like-minded fishermen, and enjoy breathtaking and enchanting views of the Caribbean ocean, all while enjoying world-class entertainment and music! There are different competitive categories that you can enter, each with its own rules and prizes. The four-day tournament finishes with an awards banquet, where all participants of the contest will feast on delicious, wholesome food and freshly caught fish! 

The Island Time Music and Fishing Fest also has other activities for guests to enjoy such as beach parties, wine tastings, gastronomic tastings, and a culinary show. There are several chic and bohemian themed restaurants on the island, all serving authentic Mexican cuisine with a tasteful Caribbean twist.  

The festival takes place from February 5th-8th, with VIP festivities on February 4th. You can shop for tickets and find out more information about the event online at