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Los Cabos Travel Guide

Los Cabos Travel Guide


Standing at the terminus of the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos is an exceptionally inviting destination for lovers of sun, sand, and surf. Prized for its striking seaside settings and its signature cultural charm, the region welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world each year to sample its local flavor.

Los Cabos is comprised of two distinct settlements, Cabo San Lucas to the south and San Jose del Cabo to the north, and their privileged position perched on the coast of Mexico greets guests with a pleasant desert climate. Warm, dry days and cool, refreshing evenings make Los Cabos an outstanding atmosphere for lounging in the sun all afternoon and taking in lively outdoor events by night.

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Getting Around

Intrepid travelers will be pleased to find that both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are both approachable options for exploration on foot, although a reliable pair of walking shoes are advisable for navigating the cobblestone streets.

While car rentals are inexpensive and allow easy access to surrounding areas, there are a number of convenient public transportation options in Los Cabos as well. Safe and tourist-friendly buses run between the two cities and their most popular destinations, and offer service throughout the day. They run approximately every 20 minutes between 5am and 10pm, and drivers prefer exact change.

Taxis are another frequently used mode of transportation, and visitors should be sure to confirm rates prior to departing.

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Los Cabos ranks second in the nation for international tourism, and as a result the municipal government of Los Cabos has taken great strides to assure visitor safety in the areas most favored by tourists. Recent years have seen millions upon millions of pesos funneled into creating a peacekeeping force in the resort areas, and the area receives additional security support at the national level via a Marine base in town. The result is a sharply decreased crime rate and a measurable increase in tourism to Los Cabos in the past 5 years, reflecting the success of the renewed visitor safety initiative.

Points of Interest

Los Cabos’ location at the southernmost point of Baja California gives it its designation “Land’s End,” and also delineates the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. This placement gives visitors the chance to appreciate totally unique vistas from both observation points on land and during leisurely sea excursions.

Out on the water, afternoon and sunset cruises offer unforgettable views of local landmarks such as El Arco, a stunning arch-shaped monument formed from granite, as well as natural features such as Neptune’s Finger and the Window to the Pacific. The twin cities of Los Cabos are also home to the spectacular Lover’s and Divorce Beaches, showing off some of the most alluring backdrops anywhere on the continent.

Further inland, another attraction that is rapidly rising in profile is the locale’s thriving community of organic farms, located just outside of San Jose del Cabo. Here, culinary enthusiasts can sample dishes of unmatched freshness and flavor while taking in truly memorable al fresco dining experiences.

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Los Cabos offers a wealth of variety for visitors between the two cities, and curious travelers will find no shortage of interest in the area. Like in many towns in coastal Mexico, the area offers an extraordinary selection of seafood. From the simple street stands that line the sidewalks to high-end dining options that combine world-class cuisine with incredible views, there is something in Los Cabos for every taste.

The Baja Peninsula also boasts some of the highest quality surf in the world. Experienced riders and novice surfers alike flock to Los Cabos for warm cerulean waters over a soft, sandy sea bottom, shining a global spotlight on the surf clubs in the area. San Jose del Cabo in particular also offers a vibrant contemporary art scene, and public art tours are held every Thursday evening from November through June.

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Along with its catalogue of tourism-focused experiences, Los Cabos has a range of activity options for more adventurous visitors. The nearby mountain range of Sierra Laguna is the site of multiple well-established trails, making it a natural choice for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, biking, and ATV exploration.

The attraction of the Los Cabos region is the ocean itself. The Sea of Cortez is home to a sea lion rookery.  It also features the Cabo Pulmo National Park. At this park, visitors can scuba dive and snorkel through the preserve, exploring the underwater formations, and diverse marine life.  


The late spring and early summer bring a full schedule of festivals and special events to the Los Cabos areas. One of the most highly anticipated of these is the Cabo Marine Show, a yearly celebration of Mexico’s seafaring tradition that features live music, hundreds of food vendors offering a range of recipes, and other activities for all ages.

Another option for culinary connoisseurs is the annual Gastrovino Baja Food & Wine Festival. This popular event centers on the cuisine of the Baja California region, including its unmatched seafood dishes. The festival shines a spotlight on Mexico’s rapidly expanding wine culture as well, proceeds from this event support the housing, and funds the care and education of disadvantaged families in the area.

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May is also the start of surf season in the Sea of Cortez, which kicks off with an international open-water surfing competition. Taking place directly off the coast of San Jose del Cabo, the event challenges professional surfers the world over to showcase their skills for an appreciative audience of visitors and fans.

With exquisite views of the ocean and a local spirit all its own, the far end of the Baja California peninsula offers visitors one of the most worthwhile experiences of any destination in the country. Los Cabos is two cities sharing a common commitment to a life worth loving, capturing the hearts of countless visitors each year.