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May & June Events in Cancun


Cancun is known worldwide as one of Mexico’s premier escapes for vacationing visitors, and the spring and summer schedule is replete with excellent activity options for the entire family. The weather in the area is also usually at its best during May and June, making these months an ideal time to discover what Cancun has to offer.

May is for Memories

May 5th’s Cinco de Mayo is no doubt the most famous Mexican holiday outside the country, but is observed in more understated fashion in domestic locales such as Cancun. This commemoration of the Mexican Army’s triumph over French forces at the battle of Puebla is observed with small private festivities among local families as well as larger events appealing to visitors at bars, restaurants, and other establishments in the city.


If you’re planning a family trip to Cancun with Mom, the first weeks of May are a great time to arrive in town. May 10th marks Mother’s Day across Mexico, with the holiday widely considered one of the most important on the calendar, and entertainment venues around the city host events that celebrate the privileged position of motherhood in Mexican culture.

Cancun also has a well-earned reputation as one of the best fishing destinations anywhere in the world. Record breaking catches are a common occurrence in these thriving and temperate waters, and the late spring and early summer are especially opportune times for anglers to cast their lines and try their luck while enjoying a beautiful afternoon on the open water.

This ideal atmosphere for fishing makes the area an ideal location for the annual Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament, inviting an international field of professional fishermen to compete for the largest catch. The tournament is an event that captures the interest of the entire town, and the best catches are often served to the public as tasty fish tacos.


Jumping into June

The early days of June are a time for festive reflection, exemplified by the local celebrations of Dia de la Marina, or Navy Day. This national holiday pays tribute to the long tradition of Mexico at sea, honoring the rich naval history of the country.

Appreciation is also the theme of Father’s Day in Mexico, and as Cancun and the surrounding areas are home to multiple world class golf courses, this day is an outstanding opportunity to give Dad something special.


The last days of June in Cancun lead into the longest day of the year, known as the Summer Solstice. While this phenomenon is spotlighted to a limited extent in cultures around the world, it holds a special significance in the region. The Summer Solstice was a culturally revered yearly occasion for the Mayan people that once called the area home, and so annual celebrations are held at the nearby ruins to help keep the memory of this proud people alive.

Cancun is worthy of a visit any time, but May and June are particularly perfect months to find yourself in the area. With a litany of fun festivals and engaging events on the calendar, a trip to Cancun this season is a guaranteed way to build enduring memories with family.