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Puerto Vallarta for Art and Galleries

Puerto Vallarta has long been a go-to vacation destination for sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts, and luxury seekers of the world, but did you know that it is also one of the best places in Mexico to come to if you’re an art lover, or have an interest in art works of any kind. The galleries here are all unique, and each have a specialization in what they exhibit and display. In Puerto Vallarta everything from ceramics to glasswork and paintings can be found with ease.

Whether you consider yourself a real connoisseur of art, or have just a passing interest you should really consider looking around when you’re in Puerto Vallarta; there are few better places in the country to get acquainted with Mexican art.

Here are the highlights of the art scene in Puerto Vallarta:


Galeria Uno

Morelos 561, Centro

A true cornerstone in Puerto Vallarta’s art scene, Galeria Uno specializes in works which are colorful and vibrant, no matter their style.

Omar Alonzo

Leona Vicario 249, Centro

Omar Alonzo is a sleep gallery which regularly rotates its exhibits, and provides a sophisticated backdrop for each one. Often the focus here is on photography and paintings, but sculptures feature too.


Calle Juárez 598, Centro

The Oficina de Proyectos Culturales (Office for Cultural Projects), or OPC, is so much more than a gallery; it is a not for profit organization which focuses on cultural programs and the advancement of local artists.

Peyote People

Calle Juárez 222, Centro

Peyote People is a charming gallery which is filled to the brim with unique Mexican folk and colonial works including, but not limited to, yarn art, intricate beaded pieces, and wood carvings as well as molded tin decorations.

Ro’Wo Gallery

Hidalgo 424, Proyecto escola, Centro

The Ro’Wo gallery is inspiring and full of unique works that have been hand made by Mexican Artisans.

Collectively speaking, these galleries in Puerto Vallarta showcase a variety of works which range from Mexican folk art to antique jewellery, ceramics, glassworks, and more traditional paintings and sculptures.


So, if you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta this year, be sure to take advantage of the thriving art scene here.