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Puerto Vallarta’s Tequila Experiences

Tequila is as synonymous with Mexico as whisky is with Scotland; and, as you might expect, there are plenty of tequila tasting experiences to be found around Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay for your next visit to the Mexican state of Jalisco, home of tequila.


Tequila Tasting

If you wish to simply walk off the street and sip some tequilas of different grades and prices, you can hit any one of the small “mom and pop” style shops around the city, especially on the Malecon or next to the artisan market by the River Caule. For a private and elegant tasting experience, you can book a tequila tasting session while using your membership to stay at either Garza Blanca Resort & Spa or Hotel Mousai.

The Viva Tequila Experience

For an entertaining and informative experience you might consider splashing out on the Viva Tequila Tour, which has its base in the Puerto Vallarta theater known as Teatro Vallarta. If you have been to downtown Puerto Vallarta recently you will probably have noticed the Tequila Experience trolleys coming and going, taking people to the theater. Inside there is a magnificent tequila museum that hosts the Viva Tequila Experience and offers a full history of the beverage and Mexico’s agricultural revolution.

Tequila Trolley Tour

The San Francisco style trolleys mark the beginning of your experience as they putter around town after leaving Galerias-Vallarta shopping mall, passing many of the major landmarks on the way. This is the first part of the fascinating afternoon-long activity.

Interactive experience

Rather than a straight forward lecture or tour, this is an interactive experience which will illustrate the process of making tequila all the way from crop to distillation and distribution. During the activity, you will walk through the distillery process and even visit a special aroma room where you will be taught how to recognize the distinct yet subtle flavors in tequila. Lavender seeds and coffee beans are just some of the surprising ingredients you might note here.

Taste buds at the ready

Of course, the tequila tasting is the highlight of this afternoon tour; you will get to taste some of the best tequilas available. Amongst the old oak barrels you will learn that tequila is so much more than something college kids shoot to get a high; it’s as sophisticated and complex as cognac or whisky.

Once this is over, you can enjoy an impressive live folkloric show complete with dancers and mariachi music. To make reservations, visit the tour agency on site at the resort.