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San Sebastian – The Magic of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta

Throughout Mexico you will find a number of beautiful towns officially categorized as Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Villages) by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico. Recognized for their natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance, these Pueblos Mágicos are a source of pride for the people of Mexico, not only because they attract a great deal of tourism, but more importantly because of their significant contribution towards the patrimony of the nation.

If you use your Club Caribe membership to stay in Puerto Vallarta, one such Pueblo Mágico lies just a couple of hours drive away in San Sebastian del Oeste, an old mining town founded in 1605 during the early Spanish colonization.

This beautiful village, surrounded by the rolling landscape of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the lush emerald green jungle is an ideal day trip for those vacationing in the area. Rent a car and take to the countryside for a journey back in time.  Aside from its rich history and beautiful setting, the magical town offers visitors a reprieve from the heat of its neighboring coastal towns.    

san sebastian plaza

Featuring beautiful architecture of the mining era, San Sebastian takes visitors on a visual tour that is well worth the time. Like so many of Mexico’s Magical Villages, the plaza at the center of town is a great place to get a feel for its unique personality.
In San Sebastian, the principal plaza consists of a gazebo surrounded by gardens and trails of fragrant trees, moss covered walls and a small stream that transports visitors to peaceful serenity.  The once bustling town of 20,000 is now home to around 600 individuals, so finding time for peace and quiet is inevitable.  

When visiting San Sebastian, it is hard not to be enamored by the historical buildings and quaint history of the old mining town. Among its most celebrated structures is the Church of Saint Sebastian. Originally constructed in 1608, its architectural details and Corinthian columns make for an impressive sight.  

The House Museum of Doña Conchita Encarnacion is another building worth visiting. Inside you will find a collection of objects that once belonged to a prominent family of landowners and the amazing history of their mining past.
Whether picking fruit from the orchards of Hacienda Esperanza de la Galera or sipping on freshly grown and brewed coffee from the Quinta Mary, a trip to San Sebastian will be one of the highlights on your Mexican vacation.