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Summer in Cancun: A Diver’s Playground

There is something unique and special about diving in Cancun during the summer that makes it a priority for many divers all over the world. Bursting with majestic dive sites, special appearances by elusive whale sharks and impressive coral reefs, Cancun provides the perfect opportunity for Club Caribe members who like to dive to experience something extraordinary. Make this summer one you’ll never forget with a diving adventure to top all others.


Magical Dive Sites

In Cancun and its surrounding areas, there are many magical dive sites that will transform any dive into an extraordinary affair. Take a trip to visit one of the many shipwrecks that pepper the sea floor, head off for a fresh water dive in a nearby cenote, or experience something different at MUSA, the underwater sculpture museum created by artist, Jason de Caires Taylor. As a Club Caribe member, you’ll have the advantage of being able to ask the experts at Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s tour agency to set up an experience tailored just as you would like.


A Visit from a Docile Beast

Summers in Cancun provide the perfect dive environment as pods of whale sharks migrate to the warm waters off Cancun’s coast. From the end of May to September, these docile giants, the largest fish in the sea, create a dive experience unlike any other as they swim around eating plankton and splashing in the turquoise blue waters between Holbox and Contoy Islands. Visit your Club Caribe concierge desk to ask about special tours that head out daily during summer months for a chance to swim with one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. With over 500 whale sharks visiting the Cancun area, you’re almost guaranteed to run into these 40 foot, 15 ton beasts as they make this diver’s playground their summer home.


The Coral Reefs of the Mexican Caribbean

Diving in Cancun is the ultimate experience due to the impressive coral reefs that blanket the shallow sea floor. Club Caribe members can take advantage of the reefs right off Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s white sand beach or they can head out on a tour to one of the many popular dive spots around town. The ancient reefs, some of the oldest in the world, are home to large schools of tropical fish and other marine life, including sea turtles, manta rays and various types of sharks.


Check diving in Cancun off the top of your bucket list this summer with an incredible experience at Villa Del Palmar.