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Surf Season Begins in Cabo!


Los Cabos, consistently rated among the top tourist destinations in all of Mexico, offers never ending appeal during the spring and summer. Along with sparkling beaches, scuba diving scenes, and a kaleidoscope of marine life, the twin towns of Los Cabos are home to some of the best surfing anywhere in the world.

Surf season in Los Cabos extends from June to August, and is kicked off in massive fashion each year with the Los Cabos Open of Surf. From June 11th to June 16th, the Los Cabos Open will challenge top riders from over a dozen countries to showcase their skills and style in one of the planet’s highest profile surf competitions.


The waters off Los Cabos offer plenty of options for amateurs as well. Whether you’re looking for an undisturbed session with a full cooler and warm waves, or like to keep close to the beach bars, Los Cabos has the ideal surf spot for you. Located at “Lands’ End” at the southern tip of Baja California, it is one of the few areas in the world located within a one-hour drive of two distinct swell directions.

This means that the surf is almost never the same at locations north and south of the city. Typically when the waves are strong on the south shore, they are calm on the Pacific, and so there is always a chance for surfers of various skill levels to hone their skills in a comfortable environment during Los Cabos’ surf season.Friends-running

Closer to San Jose Del Cabo, where the airport is located, the East Cape and Costa Azul offer smooth surfing outside a quiet colonial town. The larger and more active Cabo San Lucas faces the Pacific Coast and features sandy breaks, but no matter where you go, Los Cabos offers an easy and consistent surf backed by scenic desert landscapes.

Although the waters near Los Cabos are generally free of dangerous marine animals such as sharks, new surfers and visitors are well-advised to keep an eye out for common beach creatures like rock urchins, jellyfish, and scorpions. The beaches are also noted for their cleanliness, as they have been nationally certified safe for swimming as of spring 2019.

Los Cabos is known as an outstanding Mexican destination year round, but holds particular interest for avid wave riders as spring rolls into summer. Showcasing a range of surfing experiences for every skill level along with some of the most gorgeous scenery in Mexico, these months are an especially active time in this scenic locale.