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Time for Club Caribe Members to Get Wet at The Islands of Loréto

Washing away the stresses of everyday life is an easy task when you are surrounded by vast expanses of water, the earth’s most potent remedy. Water’s rejuvenating effect can work wonders on your mind, body and soul; and that’s just why every great vacation destination is surrounded by this life-giving liquid. At Villa Del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto, the seemingly endless stretches of aquatic bliss make it the perfect location to relax your stresses away and rejuvenate your spirit.


The Aquarium of the World

The luxury resort, which lies just beyond the shores of the Sea of Cortez, “the aquarium of the world,” offers Club Caribe members ample opportunity to try out a variety of invigorating water activities. Members can choose to borrow snorkel gear and swim amongst the schools of fish near the resort’s shore, or head out on a paddle boarding or kayaking tour that will take them around the majestic Danzante Bay in the heart of the Sea of Cortez.

For more serious underwater fans, there are a variety of scuba diving and snorkeling excursions for all types of sea goers. Certified divers can head out on a unique adventure that will have them diving amongst schools of tropical fish and other exotic marine life that live in the area. On these expeditions, divers experience firsthand the remarkable surroundings of the various local sites, including the Danzante, Coronado and Carmen Islands.

For a different perspective, children and adults can take advantage of the resort’s double glass-bottom kayaks, allowing you to observe all the wonders of the incredible marine park at a safe distance. Paddling at your own pace, members can explore the islands and the supernal beauty of the surrounding Danzante Bay.

The luxury resort also offers paddle boarding, which has become one of them most popular ways to experience the Islands of Loréto in all their greatness. Paddling out alongside the whales, dolphins, rays and other sea life that inhabit the bay is a once in a lifetime experience and shouldn’t be missed. Whether novice or expert, child or adult, everyone can enjoy the offshore activities on the remarkably tranquil waters of Danzante Bay.

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