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Todos Santos Village – Pueblo Magico


Located just an hour’s drive time from the airport in Los Cabos, Todos Santos may be one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Founded in the 18th century as a agricultural town, the locale retains a relaxed atmosphere and leisurely pace of life in the modern day, transforming over time into a haven for artists, surfers, and lovers of life.

A Magical Town

This quiet community has been designated as a “Pueblo Magico” as part of a national initiative identifying towns in Mexico with significant “Historical, Cultural, and Architectural Significance.” The Pueblo Magico program highlights the unique atmosphere of destinations such as Todos Santos, and as the first such town named in Baja California, the thriving municipality is truly in a class all its own.


Todos Santos welcomes visitors into town with immaculate cobblestone streets populated by boutique hotels, inviting cafes, engaging art galleries, and the colorful clientele that ensure these establishments continue to thrive. This makes it an ideal choice for a day trip from the twin towns of Los Cabos, offering a look at Mexico at its most contemporary and authentic.

Another appealing attraction for incoming visitors are the sparkling white sand beaches for which this area of Baja California is known. Here, resting far from the resorts frequented by tourists, travelers can enjoy a carefree lounge in the coastal Mexican sun as the cool cerulean waves lap up on the shoreline. The waters off Todos Santos are also temperate with an even surf, making it an ideal location for watersports such as water skiing and wakeboarding.

A journey through the merchant areas of Todos Santos on foot can turn an idle afternoon by the beach into an enriching experience. The streets of the area are dotted with small family stores specializing in artisan goods such as hand-woven rugs and home-fired pottery in eye-catching designs, and whether window shopping or souvenir hunting is the goal, visitors will quickly fall in love with the enchanting atmosphere in the heart of town.


Taking a LocoMotion tour of town is yet another alternative for seeing the sights in Todos Santos. On these electrically assisted pedal-powered mobile touring platforms, riders will make connections with new friends while taking in the local fabric under the guidance of an experienced tour leader from the area. Along the way, visitors can also have a hands-on experience with cultural crafts as well as sampling delicious farm-to-table fare.

Art, Dining, and Culture

Todos Santos boasts a rich cultural tapestry, with its church, cultural center, museum, and theater drawing in visitors from across the country. The area is also the scene of a popular yearly music festival as well as an equally anticipated Art Festival, both of which showcase the local emphasis on creative endeavour.

This laid back locale has a serious focus on its culinary offerings as well. At restaurants, bars, and street stands in town, hungry visitors can taste what are commonly regarded as some of the best Baja-style fish tacos in the state, partnering flaky deep fried fish with with crispy cabbage and mango salsa for a tantalizing taste sensation. Todos Santos is also known for a large produce market that showcases the wares of local farmers.


Adventure Awaits

Active visitors will be pleased to discover a range of options for outdoor fun in and around Todos Santos. Within a few minutes of this tiny town are popular hiking and mountain biking trails, some of which take adventurers on a multi-day excursion through the nationally protected biosphere surrounding the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountain range.

For lovers of nature, Todos Santos is an outstanding option for discovering the rich variety of wildlife exclusive to the region. The town’s location between the desert and the ocean makes it a hot spot for bird watching, particularly on the expansive grounds of the Campo Experimental Botanical Garden. This preserve is also host to a kaleidoscopic collection of local fauna, making a camera and binoculars into essential gear for outdoor enthusiasts.


Exploration outside of town yields further interest for those that prefer to stay off the beaten path, and it is said that every dirt road in and around town leads to something compelling. Discovering the hidden wonders of Todos Santos can be a truly rewarding experience, and secluded shores and lush palm tree groves fed by underground springs are just some of the sights that greet those bold enough to seek them.

While Todos Santos may be more accessible than ever before thanks to the abundance of flights now serving Los Cabos, the town maintains an undiscovered feel that makes it irresistible to curious travelers. Bringing together old world magic with a touch of modern appeal, Todos Santos holds a wealth of interest for any visitor and is well worth the trip.