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Uxmal – A Great Day Trip from Cancun

One of the many reasons you invested in your membership at Club Caribe is surely that every time you visit Cancun, you find something new and enchanting to love about the sublime destination.

While the sweeping vistas of turquoise waters, exquisite natural beauty, and fun-filled days at Villa Del Palmar Cancun are more than likely high on your list, why not make the majestic Mayan city of Uxmal this year’s most loved memory?  

Cultural Day Trip

Head out on a day trip that will leave you and your travel companions awestruck and amazed at Uxmal, an authentic Mayan experience. As a Club Caribe member, you have the opportunity to plan a day trip to the pre-Hispanic town of Uxmal located just a few short hours from Villa Del Palmar Cancun.  The once great Mayan city has more to offer than just an incredible history and a few small ruins.
It is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and is the perfect example of the economic and social structure of the late Mayan civilization.  

Spread out over 150 acres, in its heyday Uxmal’s 20,000 or so inhabitants set up a series of sacbes (white raised paved roads) to connect the large city with the nearby settlements of Kabah, Sayil and Labná for the purposes of trading goods and ideas.
Representing the height of Mayan architecture and art, these four ancient Mayan ceremonial sites inspire visitors with their intricate stone carvings that create decorative mosaics on the town’s well-preserved buildings.  


As you enter Uxmal, the first structure you will see is the Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal’s namesake.  As the story goes, the king of the ancient city was challenged by a witch who desired grander things for her dwarfed son.  In a contest that fared poorly for the monarch, the king ordered the witch’s son to build a temple taller than any other in the city in one day.
Quick on his feet, the dwarf built a towering pyramid superimposed over four other temples.  The five story structure not only won him the crown, but it also gave the city its name of “Uxmal,” meaning “thrice-built” in Mayan.  Standing at 117 feet tall, the Pyramid of the Magician is a grand spectacle for visitors to the ancient city.  

In addition to the Pyramid of the Magician, there are a number of other buildings that leave visitors speechless.  The Nunnery Quadrangle, which exemplifies the ornate work of the Mayas, the Palace of the Governor, regarded as the best example of Puuc architecture to date, the House of the Turtles, named so for the decorative turtles that adorn the structure, and a few others that have all left their mark on ancient Mayan history.  

Take advantage of the chance to visit Uxmal in your next stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun for a truly unique experience that will have you falling in love with Cancun all over again. Speak to your concierge or tour agent upon arrival at the resort.