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Visit Nature Reserve Rio Secreto

If you are planning a visit to Cancun this summer, you must put Rio Secreto meaning “Secret River” on your bucket list of things to see and do. Rio Secreto will give you insight into the Mayan underworld and take you on a magical journey through underground caverns where you can admire geological formations and float in fresh, clear water. 

You will witness thousands of stunning stalactites and stalagmites in these incredible flooded caves recognized as the best nature reserve in Mexico and Central America. Rio Secreto is committed to conservation and sustainable eco-tourism as well as quality and safety.  Since the pandemic hit, they have made sanitization their priority and reinforced hygiene procedures based on the standards and suggestions of the World Health Organization. 

Thanks to those practices, they received the official “Safe Travels” stamp and certification in official protocols of COVID-19 by COFEPRIS and the Ministry of Health, which endorse Rio Secreto tours as safe activities for visitors.  

In addition to all staff wearing personal protective equipment, temperature taking, antibacterial gel placed at the entrances, and maintaining healthy distances in all areas, Rio Secreto has redesigned tours so that no group within the cave or within the vicinity of the nature reserve has interaction with another. Tours are being offered in small and private groups. You will be provided with a wetsuit and safety equipment such as a helmet with a headlamp and a life jacket, that is thoroughly sanitized before and after each use. 

Feel the exhilaration as you experience this stunning underground river eight miles long. At one point your guide may ask you to turn off your headlamp to take a moment to connect with nature. Imagine being in total darkness and floating on your back in a sunken river 2.5 million years old while you hear the plinking sound of water droplets landing in the river and imagine what the Mayans did in this place they considered to be sacred. It was considered sacred because the water is so pure and anything that is pure is sacred. Another possible scenario, as some historians believe, is that the Maya performed human sacrifices here since it is presumed they thought the caverns were a connection to the underworld and the rain God, Chaac. 

Regardless of what really went on millions of years ago in this complex system of underground flooded caves, you will be mesmerized by your unique journey into the Mayan underworld. 

This summer come to discover the greatness of Mexico and one of its wonderful wonders, the Secret River, that shouldn’t be kept a secret anymore.  

Get out there to connect with nature and Mayan history and make some incredible memories!  

You can book tours for Rio Secreto at Villa del Palmar Cancun from the onsite tour agency. Don’t forget to ask if you can use your members’ discount card.