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Whale Shark Season Almost Upon Us

Summer is well on its way, and that means that the whale sharks, too, are coming to the warm water of the Mexican Caribbean in search of fresh feeding grounds. Whale sharks migrate to the waters near Cozumel and Cancun each year in order to feed in the warm shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea. They are fascinating creatures, and a sighting will be the highlight of any summer vacation in Cancun, of that we are sure! Whale season runs from June to mid September; this gives visitors plenty of opportunity to swim with these magnificent and gentle beasts.

Whale Sharks are the largest fish species in the ocean, and despite weighing in at 20 tons with an average length of 18 to 32 feet they are gentle, docile creatures that have proven to be non-dangerous to humans. Their slow speed, around 3mph, and their preferred diet of plankton make them the perfect subject for snorkeling and diving. Whale sharks are one of only three known shark species which filter-feed, meaning they filter food through their gills, and are no threat to larger species like humans. Their feeding style also means that they can be found close to the surface, which is, once again, great for divers and snorkelers.

Whether you’re taking your kids, your grandkids, or your grandparents swimming and snorkeling with Whale Sharks is safe and suitable for pretty much everyone. They pose no threat to humans and are remarkably docile! To see them cruising through the water, scooping up plankton with their huge maw… it’s a truly remarkable sight that you will never forget!

Villa del Palmar Cancun tour agency offers excursions that include transport to and from the dock where your boat will pick you up for a day in whale shark waters. Why not swim next to the biggest fish in the ocean?