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Why Summer is a Great Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

While Puerto Vallarta may be a haven for travelers looking to bask in the sun during the winter months rather than stay in their chilly homes up north, the tropical destination has plenty to offer during the summertime as well.  The unhurried lifestyle here is endlessly appealing, and summer is a terrific time of year for a leisurely getaway.  Find out why using your Club Points or Preferred Points to visit Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta during the summer months will deliver a blissful vacation that you won’t want to end.

Breathtaking Scenery

The jungle-covered hills surrounding Puerto Vallarta, including the lush Garza Blanca Preserve, are thriving in the summer months when more frequent rainwater quenches the land to produce remarkably beautiful plant life that creates an idyllic verdant backdrop for a vacation. The waterfalls found on the preserve are also a beautiful sight to see during the summer.

Ocean Temperatures are Lovely

Many of us enjoy the idea of taking a dip in the ocean, yet have a difficult time relaxing because water temperatures are too chilly.  Fortunately, the summer months in Puerto Vallarta see pleasant ocean temperatures that are ideal for water activities including diving, surfing, swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding. Imagine diving without a wetsuit!

Sensational Electrical Storms

Get ready to witness some of the most phenomenal sights nature has to offer.  The summer rains bring with them awe-inspiring lightning storms that illuminate the night sky with dramatic beauty.  While there are occasional showers that happen during the earlier part of the day, it is more typical for scattered afternoon and evening rains to pass through.  You will be able to unwind on the beach or by the pool during the day no problem; and even if it is a bit overcast, your skin will still get a lovely glow.  

Balmy Weather

If you love to be in a climate that is comfortable without a sweater or jacket in the evening, the balmy weather in Puerto Vallarta during the summer is sure to delight you.  And if your skin happens to be on the dry side usually, the balmy weather will lend it some relief and comfort, even erasing some fine lines.   

You Need To Use Fewer Points

One of the most fantastic benefits of making a trip to Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta in the summer is that you can enjoy the same level of magnificent service and incredible accommodations as you would in the winter months, but you don’t need to use as many points.  That way, you’ll have more points to book your next vacation that much sooner! Likewise, you can use your Preferred Points, saving your Club Points for an additional vacation later in the year.

Kids Activities Keep Them Entertained

Most children are out of school for at least a portion of the summer, giving the whole family a great reason to experience some well-deserved time away.  At Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta there are even more kids activities available during the summer, allowing your little ones to have a blast on their vacation.