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Exchanges with Interval International and Your Club Caribe Membership

Interval International is a world class, highly renowned exchange network that offers Club Caribe members the opportunity to trade timeshare points and intervals for vacations worldwide. As a valued Club Caribe member, you will receive free subscription for a year with Interval International when you first become a member at Villa del Palmar in Cancun. If you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of Interval International after the introductory period ends, all you have to do is pay their yearly subscription fee. The privileges offered by Interval International are very attractive. Membership gives you access to over 2800 resorts in more than 80 countries all over the world. Moreover, you are able to stay in stunning hotels and locations by using your Club Caribe timeshare points. For Club Caribe members at Villa del Palmar Cancun who are used to high quality resorts, it should be a comfort to know that Interval International choose only those resorts and services which meet their high standards.  As such, you can be sure that wherever you go, your expectations …

Interval International Trading Power

“Trading Power” is a term used by the top global exchange networks like Interval International to describe the value of your deposited timeshare week(s). That is, the more desirable your timeshare week is in terms of dates, destination, resort and room type etc., the greater trading power your timeshare week will enjoy and the more options you will have for exchanges.

How to Make an Exchange with Interval International

One of the wonderful advantages of owning membership at Club Caribe at Villa del Palmar Cancun is that not only do you get to use any of the Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts as well as Tafer Hotels & Resorts, such Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, but you also enjoy a free trial with Interval International, a leading international exchange network for vacation ownership and timeshare weeks. If you wish to continue your membership with Interval International after the first year trial you may do so as a means of facilitating any international exchanges you wish to make. So, what steps should you take to book a week in another destination through Interval International? 1. Contact Member Services The first step you need to take is to call your member services team at 1-866-668-9261 and let them know you would like to exchange with Interval International.  48 to 72 hours later, an exchange week will be placed into your Interval International account ready for your use, this week can be used for up to …

Interval International and your Club Caribe Membership

Interval International is one of the top global exchange networks that offers the possibility for members to trade timeshare points and intervals for vacations worldwide. As part of Club Caribe at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s dedication to its members, you receive a year’s courtesy subscription to Interval International when you join Club Caribe for the first time.