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Interval International Trading Power

“Trading Power” is a term used by the top global exchange networks like Interval International to describe the value of your deposited timeshare week(s). That is, the more desirable your timeshare week is in terms of dates, destination, resort and room type etc., the greater trading power your timeshare week will enjoy and the more options you will have for exchanges. Consequently, the lower your Interval International trading power is, the more difficult it will be for you to find a perfect like for like swap.

What is the purpose of Trading Power?

The calculation of trading power is intended to ensure that exchanges are fair and that you swap your timeshare week with one equivalent in value. For example, when exchanging a Club Caribe timeshare week using Interval International’s services you would expect to be able to stay in a resort of a similar high standard (unless you chose otherwise). Similarly, if you are depositing a week reserved for the peak summer vacation season, you would expect greater trading power for your Club Caribe week, even if you were going to exchange your week for an off season period. Trading power helps you to identify the value of the timeshare weeks available for exchange.

What affects your Trading Power?

There are various aspects that contribute to the calculation of Interval International trading power, some of which Club Caribe Villa Preferred Access members have some control over. The categories that you have no influence over are those such as resort classification (is it 5 star? All-inclusive? Award-winning? Spa facilities?), supply and demand and the ranking the resort receives from comment cards. However, categories such as size and type of unit deposited, reservation dates and how early you deposit your Club Caribe week are within your control and can have a favorable impact on your Interval International trading power.

Maximizing your Trading Power

There are various ways you can help maximize your trading power to ensure greater exchange choices. Firstly, how early you deposit your timeshare week with Interval International will greatly affect your trading power – the earlier the better. In fact, you can deposit your week up to 2 years before your reservation dates. If you deposit less than 9 months before the exchange week dates, you will significantly reduce your trading power. The type of room you deposit can also affect your trading power favorably, as well as reserving peak dates that translate into a more desirable timeshare week.