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Food & Beverage Activities at Hotel Mousai

Food & Beverage Activities at Hotel Mousai

The Food and Beverage department at Hotel Mousai provides four activities for members and guests each week: Thursday – Mixology Class Our mixologist teaches guests how to prepare margaritas, micheladas and other drinks, and then invites the guests prepare them on their own. Friday – Champagne Nights As a promotion, we fill a hot tub full of bottles of champagne, and we offer a discount of 15-20% off the price of a bottle. A purchased bottle also comes with free Spanish style tapas, so you have something delicious to eat while drinking your champagne. Saturday – Latin Sensations Five musicians play together all different types of Latin music including salsa, bachata, and more. Come enjoy the music, decorations, lights, ambiance, and of course, dancing! Sunday – Coconut Stand Natural coconuts cut and served fresh, accompanied by a special drink menu with cocktails based on coconut, made with spirits such as gin, tequila, vodka and more, and served in a whole coconut.

Paella & Wine

Paella & Wine

A little history of Spanish Paella. It originates from a region of Spain called Valencia, which is in eastern Spain. These days, paella can be found in most Western countries, from the Americas to Europe, and it is especially popular in Spain. The recipe has expanded over the years, and now many different varieties of paella are passed off as authentic. The most commonly accepted story of paella’s origins is that servants would take the leftovers from Moorish royal banquets and cook it up over open fires into delicious dishes they would take home to their families. The word “paella” may come from the Arab word “baqiyah”, which means “leftovers”. However, another speculation is that the word “paella” is derived from a Latin word “patella”, which was a flat plate used for religious offerings made to gods. One thing we know for sure is that paella gained popularity in the mid-nineteen hundreds when paella became a popular dish served to laborers. The workers would gather midday, combine leftovers with rice, and cook over an open …


Optional Extras to Celebrate Your Special Day

At Villa del Palmar, we have several options to enhance your stay when you are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or for any other time of the year! We love to treat you like royalty during your visit! Here are some of the options that are available to Club Caribe members. Transportation Let us pre-arrange transportation for you and your family. Shuttle service for up to 4 people is available to and from the airport. All Inclusive Meal Plan per person Get the best value on all food and beverages when you select the All Inclusive Meal Plan. Includes room service, mini bar, taxes & gratuities, all meals and drinks at all restaurants and bars, pool and beachside service and fiesta nights. Anniversary Basket Surprise your spouse with a basket of goodies to help make your anniversary vacation even more romantic. Includes a bottle of sparkling wine, gouda cheese, 2 small cakes, and 1 aromatic candle Dozen Roses What is more romantic than a dozen roses! Surprise your loved one …


Father’s Day at Villa Del Palmar

What could be better than celebrating Father’s Day with your family in paradise! Here are some ideas about things to do in Cancun for Father’s Day. Breakfast in Bed It is somewhat traditional for the spouse or children to cook breakfast for Dad on Father’s day at home, sometimes even bringing him breakfast in bed. Well, when you are staying at a luxury resort, it’s easy to duplicate this time honored tradition without even lifting a finger! Room service is one of the best things about staying in a resort hotel. Just call down to room service and ask them to bring Dad’s favorite breakfast meal to the room. Enjoy a nice breakfast as a family together in your room, and don’t even worry about doing the dishes! Hit the Beach For a relaxing day in the sand and sun, simply head down to Villa del Palmar’s beach, order a cocktail, and chill. Our beach waiters will bring you food and drinks all day long so you can continue pampering Dad until he’s all pampered …


Coolest Hotel Pool in the World

There are rooftop views, and then there are rooftop views! Hotel Mousai has one of the most spectacular rooftop views in the world, due to its unique position at the top of a tower perched upon a jungle mountaintop in coastal Mexico, overlooking the city of Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas. The vistas of the shining sea that goes for miles and city lights at night make this rooftop pool one of the most talked about (and Instagrammed!) pools in all the world. Add to that the chic atmosphere provided by the loungey furniture and live jazz music, and the delectable dishes and cool cocktails coming from The Rooftop Bar, and you can see why Hotel Mousai was nominated by for the title of Coolest Hotel Pool in the World in 2019! This March, the online travel magazine selected the 32 best hotel pools in the entire world, and Hotel Mousai made it to the top of the list in a runoff competition. Cool Pool Fanfare Have you experienced Hotel Mousai’s rooftop …


The Art of Ceviche, Simply Great

Art has many forms of expression and one of them is undoubtedly food. In this edition of our monthly newsletter, Villa del Palmar Cancún and its culinary team present “El Arte del Ceviche”, a performance in honor of a dish typical of Latin American cuisine. Ceviche has different stories regarding its origin. Some sources say that it is a dish that migrated from Polynesia to Latin America. Some historians of gastronomy confirm that it is a dish that arrived during the colonization of the Spaniards while others say it is a dish that the English fishermen used to prepare. However, the most famous version is that the cradle of ceviche flourished in Ancient Peru, where this succulent dish is considered a part of Cultural Heritage. Ceviche is eaten in many parts of Mexico as a snack or a starter, and in each region it has a different preparation method, with a high versatility of ingredients and above all with fish or seafood of very high quality and freshness. During the month of May you can …

Sushi at Palmita

Sushi at Palmita

Sushi is perhaps one of Japan’s most internationally known traditional dishes. Sushi is a dish of Japanese origin based on rice and fish, which is generally accompanied with sesame, depending on the tastes it can be raw or smoked, marinated with rice vinegar, sugar, salt and other ingredients, such as vegetables, fish or seafood. Sushi is usually prepared in small portions, about the size of a bite, and can take various forms. Fish and rice rolled in sheets of nori seaweed are called a maki (“roll”). Nigiri is a rice ball covered by a piece of fish. Sushi has gained popularity outside of Japan due in part to the migrations of its inhabitants to other countries. Sushi is a dish that is preferred by many people around the world today. Sushi comes in a wide variety of types and preparations. Our Deli offers exquisite sushi rolls of your choice, to satisfy your afternoon sushi craving. You may also ask for sushi to go! The sushi service is from Monday to Sunday any time after 12pm. …

Kid Forever

Many are the days that are celebrated throughout the year, but April is a special month where we celebrate the kings of our homes, the children! In April our theme is “Kid Forever” which reminds us all that we are forever young, and we want to give you the opportunity to feel as though you are children again. This vacation will be an adventure which will be full of color, joy, and surprises for our guests of all ages! We promise that you will find, enjoy and share unique moments with your family. We are all ready to receive you! Our Village Spa team will be waiting for each and every member of the family to visit the Spa where you will find the specific treatment for each type of skin and need. The goal is to stay eternally young, and what better way to do so than in the hands of experts! The little ones will be treated as every year by our beauty experts, they are our guests of honor, V.I.K’s (very important …

Spring Celebration

Villa del Palmar Cancun will feature the most colorful season of the year! With the arrival of spring, everything blooms, everything is reborn! The sun shines; the flowers open! We want to pamper you, and spring is the perfect season. Come and enjoy everything we have for you, your family, and your friends!   At Villa del Palmar Cancun we want to surprise you every day with no exception, which is why Village SPA and its magnificent team of therapists have prepared specific treatments for springtime, that will surprise and delight you. No doubt your face will be filled with joy! Village Spa has a seasonal special that you will not find in another season of the year. Fruit and floral infusions will be shared in the relaxing hydrotherapy area as part of this special.   Come and discover your seasonal treatment, and let us enhance your natural beauty.   Let your body, mind and soul flourish with our exclusive experiences.   Also our Recreation team awaits you to enjoy together the perfect days by …


Beer Festival

The year 2019 will be full of surprises, experiences, and different activities that you won’t want to miss. Villa del Palmar Cancun will celebrate its second annual Beer Festival from February 3 to March 17 here in the Mexican Caribbean. There will be many activities at the festival for you to enjoy. You can sample different types of beer, experience the scents and tastes of the beers, and learn a lot about the fantastic world of beer! We will have experts accompanying us who will guide through the experience to enjoy it to the fullest. You will discover the secrets of each bottle! Everyone knows how to drink beer, but few know how to taste it, differentiate the basic points of it and pair it with their food. So get your vacation ready and come visit us here at Villa Del Palmar Cancun this coming February and March.