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Book Now to Enjoy Mother’s Day at Villa del Palmar Cancun

If you are planning to treat that special woman in your life—be it your own mother or the mother of your children—, you should book now for this year or next to enjoy a fabulous vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancun for Mother’s Day.


Experiences are the best gifts

Rather than looking for a material gift for Mother’s Day, why not invest in creating unforgettable experiences as a family. May is a fabulous time to visit Cancun, where warm temperatures await before the heat rises in the summer months. You can be sure that the whole month of May will be dedicated to treats for moms.


Let us tailor Mom’s pampering

We respect that every mom is different and has a unique way of being. We can help you surprise her according to her tastes.  

Village Spa

As in previous years, the Village Spa will take the lead offering options for mom. Our team of professionals can deliver a number of treatments designed especially for moms of all generations. Choose from a range of tailored rituals that are 100% designed for women. These are complete services that include exfoliation, wraps, massages and facials—a pampering experience from beginning to end.

Help mom relax and get into shape

Moms will love the yoga class at 9 am that helps to keep the body supple and promote a calm mind. Likewise, she might enjoy a session in the gym or fun paddle-boarding. Every experience counts.

Our restaurants

Do not miss the opportunity to visit our restaurants with mom, where our chefs will have a fabulous surprise for you.  Or, if you want something more private and romantic, we have romantic dinners in the perfect setting overlooking the beach.


You will find some great shopping opportunities in Cancun with a range of malls and markets to choose from. Why not treat Mom to a shopping spree? Click here for some ideas.

Every day is an excuse to pamper mom. Make your reservations today!