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Cocktails at Zamá

There is nothing that quite beats a cocktail as you relax on your well earned vacations, and Zamá restaurant’s collection of fine signature beverages at Villa del Palmar Cancun is no exception. As you might expect from a gourmet restaurant dedicated to contemporary Mexican cuisine, tequila, mezcal and Mexican liqueurs like kahlua feature in prime position.

Zamá’s menu of fine signature cocktails is a sophisticated collection of beverages that have been carefully crafted by the mixologists at the resort to provide a wide range of flavors with a distinctive Mexican character.



Besides the classic margarita with tequila, lemon juice and orange liqueur frozen or on the rocks, you can also enjoy this Mexican tradition mixed with mango, tamarind or guava. These alternative fruits add a special Mexican touch to this popular cocktail. Beware, however, when you order Zamá’s mango margarita as this drink was named after the Mayan word for “fire” K Áak, and contains jalapeño chilli (available without jalapeño upon request). For a lighter flavor, ask for the cucumber margarita to cool your palate.


Mezcal Cocktails

When it comes to Mexico’s other favorite liquor, mezcal, you can savor a number of original cocktails that combine a host of delicious fresh fruits and herbs. The restaurant’s namesake cocktail, Zamá is a delicious mix of mezcal, lime juice, orange juice and kiwi while the KA’B (Mayan for “hand”) is a medley of blackberries, cranberries, peppermint and orange juice. Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising cocktail on the menu is the Mexican Passion which combines passion fruit and mezcal with beer!




And if that wasn’t enough to tempt the taste buds, you can order any of the classic cocktails such as: Paloma (tequila, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and soda), Tequila Sunrise (tequila, orange juice and cassis), Charro Negro (tequila, cola and lemon juice) or Sombrero (kahlua, tequila and condensed milk).

Why not try one of these tasty cocktails at Zamá on your next trip or feel free to ask your waiter to recommend a cocktail for you at any of the restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cancun.