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Food & Beverage Activities at Hotel Mousai

Food & Beverage Activities at Hotel Mousai

The Food and Beverage department at Hotel Mousai provides four activities for members and guests each week:

Thursday – Mixology Class

Our mixologist teaches guests how to prepare margaritas, micheladas and other drinks, and then invites the guests prepare them on their own.

Friday – Champagne Nights

As a promotion, we fill a hot tub full of bottles of champagne, and we offer a discount of 15-20% off the price of a bottle. A purchased bottle also comes with free Spanish style tapas, so you have something delicious to eat while drinking your champagne.

Saturday – Latin Sensations

Five musicians play together all different types of Latin music including salsa, bachata, and more. Come enjoy the music, decorations, lights, ambiance, and of course, dancing!

Sunday – Coconut Stand

Natural coconuts cut and served fresh, accompanied by a special drink menu with cocktails based on coconut, made with spirits such as gin, tequila, vodka and more, and served in a whole coconut.