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For the Kid in All of Us

At Villa del Palmar Cancun, youth doesn’t have anything to do with the date on your birth certificate; it is a state of mind, a way of experiencing the world, a playful attitude. We like to think that we contribute to making your vacations at the resort an expression of your zest for life, where you feel like anything is possible, just as you did as a kid.


April is a particularly special month at the resort, dedicated to the child inside all of us as well as our youngest members, as it is the month of the year when Mexico celebrates El Día del Niño [Children’s Day] on April 30th. So why not start planning your spring vacations and treat the whole family?


Our VIKs

Throughout the year at Villa del Palmar Cancun, the Very Important Kids Club (VIK Club) has a full program of activities, pastimes and water sports to entertain children aged 4 through 12 years old, with supervision by fully trained members of staff. Children aged 4 and under are welcome to enjoy the facilities and toys when joined by a parent or adult family member.

What’s planned for El Día del Niño?

We want to be part of those special memories that you share with your children and which last a lifetime. Our custom-built Very Important Kids Club will be leading the celebrations on El Día del Niño in April with a wide range of special treats and recreational activities for your children. The Village Spa will also be contributing to the events once again with its third edition of the VIK Spa Day. On this day, your children will be allowed into the spa areas as special guests, trying different treatments especially tailored for children. It will be a very special pampering experience for our youngest members. Don’t forget that your little ones can enjoy the Kid’s Spa experience at other times of the year too.

Start planning your vacations so we can inspire your children as well as you own inner child.