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Mexican Food Festival

September is known as the month to be patriotic in Mexico when you are sure to see the streets decorated in red, white and green, the colors of the Mexican flag. While Mexico’s official Independence Day celebrations take place on the eve of September 16th each year, the whole month has a particularly patriotic feel. In honor of this spirit, we will be hosting our Mexican Food Festival once a week throughout September in Zama restaurant.

A celebration of Mexico’s Cuisine

We invite you to delight in the fare on offer during our Mexican Food Festival, enjoying all the wonderful Mexican flavors and influences that are set to conquer your palate. One day each week in September (exact dates to be confirmed) will be dedicated to celebrating Mexican cuisine. The event will take place in Zamá restaurant, our specialty Mexican venue at the resort, led by our specialist in Mexican fare, Chef Fabián. He will share his expertise with members and guests, surprising diners with distinctly Mexican dishes that celebrate both regional and national culinary traditions. It will be your chance to try different Mexican recipes and ask the chef for tips.


Mexico’s Culinary Traditions

When we talk about the richness of Mexican gastronomy, we have to take a trip back in time addressing its traditions and influences throughout history, recognizing the influence of the Spanish conquest on the wide variety of traditional recipes that have stood the test of time as well as the ingredients that are native to the land. Mexico’s cuisine is considered such an important part of the Mexican heritage that it is protected by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You will be able to savor a variety and abundance of flavors during our Mexican Food Festival at Zamá during September.

Start making plans now for September and celebrate Mexico’s heritage to the full. More details to follow about this exciting event.