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Mexican Show: Roots and Rhythms of Mexico

Aaaay aaaay ay aycanta y no llores 

Traditional Mexican dances and music are inextricably linked with a strong Mexican national pride. Even after the Spanish conquest, their culture and heritage has continued to thrive. At Villa del Palmar Cancun we think it is important for our guests to experience an evening of authentic Mexican entertainment while they are staying in Mexico and to understand a little bit about our rich traditions and culture. Some of you may have been to our Mexican Night in the past, but we are proud to present a new Mexican Show, which is bigger and better than our last Mexican theme night, and you won’t want to miss it! 

The new show has been inspired by great national festivities, colors and costumes of the most representative states of Mexico. You will be entertained by prehispanic and folkloric dancers wearing traditional dress. A live mariachi band dressed in charro suits will enhance the ambiance of the night creating a Mexican-style party, full of food, drink, dance and popular mariachi songs. 

Mariachi music is influenced by Jazz and Cuban music. Experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Mariachi music resonates in the heart and even if you don’t know what the songs are about, you can still enjoy the spirit of the music. Mariachi music is typically an emotional story whether it is about loyalty to Mexico or about heartbreak, it is easy to fall in love with the intensity of the sound whether you understand the lyrics or not. We thought we would give you a little history about some popular Mariachi songs to give you more insight into the stories behind them.  

Cielito Lindo is a popular mariachi song roughly translated as ‘Lovely Sweet One’. You may have heard the lyrics “Aaaay aaaay ay ay, canta y no llores”, without knowing why. These lyrics were sung as Mexico beat Germany 1-0 in the FIFA World Cup 2018 game and has become a symbol of national identity. Cielito Lindo is not only sung at international football games but also during times of celebration and tragedy. ‘Canta y no llores’ means ‘sing and don’t cry’, which is an uplifting message in hard times.  This is a simple love song about a woman with dark eyes who steals the heart of the author of the song. But now it is much more than a love song and has become the unofficial national anthem of Mexico.  

El Rey (The King) is the favorite mariachi song of the American country singer George Strait and he recorded his own version of this popular song in Spanish. This song is about a painful break up and the singer proclaims himself to be a king even though he doesn’t have a throne, a queen or anybody who understands him. 

And lastly, México Lindo y Querido (Beloved and Nice Mexico) is a patriotic song about how lovely Mexico is and the author says if I die far away, may they say that I am sleeping and bring me back to Mexico.  

All guests are invited to watch the Mexican Show for free every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm. The show is accompanied by an exquisite Mexican buffet featuring typical Mexican dishes at Caprichos restaurant. The buffet is included in the all inclusive plan and European plan guests may pay for the buffet dinner separately. Arrive early to get a good seat. 

 You cannot miss this fantastic evening of entertainment. We wait for you in Caprichos!