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New Blanca Blue Breakfast, Cooking Classes, Wellness & More

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta 

  • New Breakfast at Blanca Blue 

Blanca Blue is proud to present its new breakfast menu. The main difference is a switch from a buffet style breakfast to an a-la-carte menu. Now we offer more breakfast items on the menu and our guests are going to be wowed by all the delicious new breakfast options. This is the first menu that was created with a collaboration of all the chefs and the quality is first-rate. The new breakfast at Blanca Blue is a breakfast worth getting up early for. Bocados STK will be serving the same breakfast menu as Blanca Blue. The breakfast options will also be the same at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos with the option to dine at Blanca Blue or Bocados STK. 

The breakfast menu is color coded with easy to identify symbols that help guests know which options are vegetarian, gluten free or spicy. We also have added a new GC symbol to indicate which items are part of our Gourmet Culinary options. In addition, we have added a new smoothie section.  

The Blanca Blue Sunrise is a Gourmet Culinary option. It is a nice and light breakfast choice before going hiking or kayaking. Our signature sunrise breakfast consists of delicious house granola made with cinnamon, oats, peanuts, and almonds, creamy Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit including soft bananas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and grapes. If you came here for vacation and prefer to lounge around the pool instead of doing something active first thing in the morning, then you can order the Blanca Blue Sunrise as a prelude to your main breakfast choice. You can spend the whole morning taking a leisurely breakfast while you admire the stunning scenery and watch the gentle ocean waves lapping up on Garza Blanca’s pristine sandy beach. 

For the main event, we recommend the Aztec Crepe, filled with eggs, sausages, and squash bloom, and topped with a cheesy sauce. Another favorite is the Tafer Croissant consisting of egg frittata, salmon, spinach, tomato & sour curd.  

From the menu, you can still order your eggs any style and they are made to order whether you want them scrambled, poached, or fried. You can also order an omelette with your choice of ingredients. If you prefer to sample some traditional Mexican dishes, we recommend the Chilaquiles or Enfrijoladas.  

Blanca Blue is in the process of setting up chef assisted stations, which should be completed by November. These stations will offer quesadillas, omelettes, freshly baked bread and more. Rather than guests serving themselves, chefs will be there to serve you.  

Blanca Blue’s new amazing breakfast can be enjoyed in the cool comfort of the air-conditioned restaurant or out on the terrace with a front row seat to see the spectacular view.  

Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta is also offering these experiences

  • Catch of the Day: Once again, fishing has resumed and fresh catch of the day is being offered on the beach at market prices. 
  • Tequila Tasting: Join us for a taste of the best tequila in Mexico, Clase Azul Tequila, bottled in a typical Mexican craft, the talavera. 
  • Wine Tasting: in this interesting tasting you can try 4 labels, most of them Mexican, with a very interesting explanation. 

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos 

Cooking Classes  

Join us Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Robata at 2:00 pm for a guided cooking class with our 3 chef patrons.  

  • Hiroshi Cooking Class – every Monday with chef Carlos Leyva. 

 There will be a different recipe each week between this selection: Wonton Tostada, Spicy Hamachi Temaki, and Salmon Skin Roll, along with a Sake tasting.  

  • Bocados STK Cooking Class – every Wednesday with chef Álvaro Blancas. 

There will be a different recipe each week between this selection: Street Tacos, Mussels Alla Sorrentina, and Pacific Roasted Salmon, along with a wine tasting. 

  • Blanca Blue Cooking Class – every Friday with chef José Segura. 

 There will be a different recipe each week between this selection: Guacamole, Tuna Tostada, and Pork Taco, along with a tequila tasting.  

Each class has an extra cost of 10 USD per person for all-inclusive and European plan guests. We kindly ask our guests to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. We have a maximum of 8 people per class due to our new social distancing policy. 

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa 

Wellness 2020   

Villa del Palmar Cancun will be hosting a couple of activities to coincide with World Wellness Weekend (WWW), which will take place on the third weekend of September. WWW started as an initiative to promote healthier lifestyles. This year more than 5,000 venues in 120 different countries will participate by offering free wellness activities.  

Villa del Palmar Cancun will be offering the following free activities: 

September 19: Vinyasa Yoga at the Villa del Palmar Cancun dock at 9:00 am with Lina Muñoz. 

September 20: Mayan Purification Ritual on the beach at 4:00 pm with the Village Spa team. 

    “There is no nobler mission in life than to encourage each & everyone to become the best version of themselves, (physically, mentally and emotionally).”  

-Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder World Wellness Weekend 

Following WWW, Villa del Palmar Cancun will be gearing up for its annual October Wellness Month. Giselle Sedinger, the Spa Manager of the Village Spa, has designed an exciting program for the Wellness event. Bonnie Ringer will be joining October Wellness at Villa del Palmar Cancun for her 6th time with her yoga and SUP yoga classes. Lina Muñoz is a regular yoga instructor at the resort and she will be teaching morning yoga as well as leading a cacao ritual.  

We will have several new special guest instructors joining us for the first time including: 

  • Alejandra Betancourta Pole Dance Coach. She will be with us on October 3rd leading a Sensual Floorwork Fitness class.  
  • Omar Balan will join us as a health & wellness specialist. He will be leading the Spa Workshop and a Mayan Ritual. 
  • Rafael Vegas will be at the Village Spa on October 4th to give our program a shot of energy with his Zumba Fitness class!  
  • Maria Clemencia Alzate Guarnizo will be with us for the complete month of October with her Motivational Workout Class.  
  • Giselle Sedinger, the manager of the Village Spa, will be joining us this year to teach Hawaiian and Tahitian dances! 

If you are planning to travel to Cancun in October, you will not want to miss the exciting program of wellness activities we have lined up including Zumba, Mayan rituals, pole dancing, Polynesian dances, yoga, meditation, and more! The program is sure to give you a wellness boost and inspire you to be active, more often, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 

Village Spa Promotions 

Mexico on the Skin at the Village Spa – September 

The Village Spa is offering a special Mexico on the Skin experience during the month of September in honor of Mexico’s Independence Day celebration. This will be an experience of sensations lasting 120 minutes starting with a body exfoliation, followed by a moisturizing wrap, a 50-minute relaxing massage and a blue agave face mask. All ingredients are 100% made in Mexico with natural ingredients from agave.  

Cost: $ 279 USD 

Detox Ritual – October 

During the month of October, we will have a new ritual where you will detoxify your body with a steam bath and eucalyptus, followed by a foot wash with Epsom salts. Continue the treatment with an aromatic mud wrap to eliminate toxins from the body and a therapeutic massage lasting 50 minutes.  

Cost: $ 259 USD 

Early Bird: 50-minute relaxing massage for 119 USD save 41 USD * This special only applies from 8 to 10 am *. 

Epicuren Promo: When you buy 2 Epicuren products, you will receive a 30-minute mini facial as a gift, Save 110 USD. 

Wine Therapy: Schedule 2 80-minute massages and get two gift therapy wine kits that include: Wine oil for your couple’s massage, two 30-minute exfoliations and 2 bath salt pumps for your room. 

Private Yoga Class: 1 Hour of private yoga as a couple for 120 USD, you can choose the location between gym, pier, room, or beach. 

*Please note: These specials cannot be combined with any other promotion: Resort Credit, Certificates, Coupons, VIP or Gold Card or 2×1.