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Signature Cocktails and Mardi Gras Celebration

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Hotel Mousai 

  • Mardi Gras at the Rooftop 

Everyone knows that you can´t cancel Mardi Gras, just as you cannot cancel Christmas. This year, the spirit of Mardi Gras will come to the Rooftop on Tuesday, February 16. Our bartenders are more than ready to help get you in the carnival mood with expert mixology and brightly colored specialty cocktails that WOW.  

mardi grass

• Cocktail Master Class 

Coming soon to Hotel Mousai, we will be offering a new Cocktail Master Class at the Orange Tree. Participants will learn the mixology sequence behind preparing Tiki cocktails and have the opportunity to create their own drinks.  

Garza Blanca Resorts 

  • Hurray Signature Cocktails! 

Garza Blanca Resorts have been working on creating identical cocktail menus at each resort with the same concepts, so that whether members decide to vacation in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, or Los Cabos, the cocktail menu offerings will be exactly the same.  

Our aim is for these signature cocktails to become affiliated with our brand and to give members the reassurance that at whichever destination they choose as their vacation spot, they will experience the same high-quality options and get to sip their favorite beverages.  

That is why we have given ourselves the task of creating a cocktail menu, for all tastes. We are very proud to present 6 of our Signature Cocktails, that will not only take you on a trip through Mexico, but also deliver multiple flavors and sensations in every sip. 

  1. Garza Blanca 
garza blanca coktail

Our brand promise drink features a mix of Mezcal, Guanábana, and Chile Serrano. It is the perfect welcome to start the lifetime memories that Garza Blanca Resorts will offer you. 

  1.  Blanca Blue  
blanca blue cocktail

The flavor of the Caribbean straight to your palate with traditional white Tequila, blackberry, basil, cranberry juice, and Cassis liqueur. 

  1.  Tejuíno 

Tejuíno is a popular Mexican drink, especially in the state of Jalisco, with the flavor of Mezcal, mixed with avocado puree, and the toasted flavor of coffee.  

  1.  Dream 
dream cocktail

The smoky flavor of the Bourbon, in perfect contrast to the Kiwi and the freshness of the peppermint, make this a dream come true. 

  1. Watermelon Fresh 
watermelon cocktail

Talking about Mexico is the same as talking about Reposado Tequila, with a touch of sweetness provided by Watermelon Juice, the peculiar aroma of Basil, and to finish off the spiciness of Chile Serrano. Hurray Mexico! 

  1. Black Mojito 
black mojito

The fresh and fruity combination of white rum, blackberry liqueur, and the traditional Hierba Buena, make this drink the perfect mix. 

Garza Blanca Los Cabos 

Baby Hatchling Releases  

Seeing a nest with baby turtle hatchlings is one of the most remarkable things you will ever experience.  

Although the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortez are home to five species of sea turtles including the Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Green Turtle, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead, they are all currently endangered.  

With the help of ASUPMATOMA (The Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja), the resorts in the area, and other organizations, these baby hatchlings are receiving the help and protection they need in order to survive and start their new life in the ocean. 

Garza Blanca Los Cabos is protecting a turtle nest and will schedule a hatchling release during the month of February.  

If you plan to visit the resort, witnessing a baby sea turtle taking its first brave steps into the vast ocean will be an experience you will never forget. Ask your Butler for more information.