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Sushi at Palmita

Sushi at Palmita

Sushi is perhaps one of Japan’s most internationally known traditional dishes.

Sushi is a dish of Japanese origin based on rice and fish, which is generally accompanied with sesame, depending on the tastes it can be raw or smoked, marinated with rice vinegar, sugar, salt and other ingredients, such as vegetables, fish or seafood.

Sushi is usually prepared in small portions, about the size of a bite, and can take various forms.

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Fish and rice rolled in sheets of nori seaweed are called a maki (“roll”). Nigiri is a rice ball covered by a piece of fish.

Sushi has gained popularity outside of Japan due in part to the migrations of its inhabitants to other countries. Sushi is a dish that is preferred by many people around the world today.

Sushi comes in a wide variety of types and preparations. Our Deli offers exquisite sushi rolls of your choice, to satisfy your afternoon sushi craving. You may also ask for sushi to go!

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The sushi service is from Monday to Sunday any time after 12pm.

Enjoy your sushi with a side of refreshing red fruit as the perfect compliment!  

We also invite you to visit  our Japanese restaurant, Hiroshi, where you will find an array of food and beverage options. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to taste their  sake or beer. Let yourself be surprised! Our expert staff is ready to welcome you!