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The Art of Ceviche, Simply Great


Art has many forms of expression and one of them is undoubtedly food. In this edition of our monthly newsletter, Villa del Palmar Cancún and its culinary team present “El Arte del Ceviche”, a performance in honor of a dish typical of Latin American cuisine.

Ceviche has different stories regarding its origin. Some sources say that it is a dish that migrated from Polynesia to Latin America. Some historians of gastronomy confirm that it is a dish that arrived during the colonization of the Spaniards while others say it is a dish that the English fishermen used to prepare. However, the most famous version is that the cradle of ceviche flourished in Ancient Peru, where this succulent dish is considered a part of Cultural Heritage.


Ceviche is eaten in many parts of Mexico as a snack or a starter, and in each region it has a different preparation method, with a high versatility of ingredients and above all with fish or seafood of very high quality and freshness.

During the month of May you can enjoy an offer and variety of ceviches specially prepared to pamper you! These specials will be available mainly in our restaurant Zamá and Bite, and we will also have a special weekly event around our pools, where you can participate and learn from our chefs, who will share all their secrets on how to prepare the best ceviche, a simple but great dish.