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Too Soon to Think About Christmas?

December is the most anticipated month of the year. The road traveled during the previous 11 months is finally seeing the end of many projects around the resort, and the best season is coming!


The holiday season is here, and with it illusions, fun, joy and laughter. What could be better than enjoying a nice and well-deserved rest in Villa del Palmar Cancun where all the staff is waiting to meet our special guest! You! Your family! Let us surprise you!

Our goal at Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is to contribute to your well-being, and ensure that you enjoy a memorable vacation. We are totally committed to all those who choose us as their vacation destination year after year. We always want to exceed your expectations, and during these holiday parties we concentrate on creating unforgettable experiences!

All departments of the hotel (Rooms, Guest Services, Restaurants, Kids Club, Recreation, etc.) are developing programs for different activities throughout the day from morning to afternoon to night. An agenda full of activities for all ages is being prepared with special attention to, and surprises for, the enjoyment of each and every family member.

Be part of our traditional Christmas tree lighting! And join us to discover how Santa Claus will arrive this December 2018!

Our End of the Year Party is just around the corner, and we are preparing ourselves so that this party will be, simply, the party of the year! You are our special guests whom we look forward to receiving.

We recommend you visit the surroundings, the weather is the best! Every Christmas at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you will find something that will stick with you and your family for years to come.

Christmas is coming 2018!

Here is a list of activities we are planning to have this year. These activities will start on December 20 and continue through New Years. Look for more details as the Christmas season approaches and we finalize the schedule of events.


  • Lighting up the Christmas Tree
  • Fitness activities in the morning (yoga, stretching)
  • Christmas Crafts for Families
  • Christmas movie
  • Mexican bingo
  • Beach volleyball
  • Paddleboard lessons
  • Decoration of the Christmas Tree for kids
  • (CLASIC) Write a letter to Santa Claus
  • Arrival of Santa Claus
  • Skin care class
  • New Year’s Eve Dinner Party & Dance