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Village Spa is Top-Ranking Spa in Cancun

It is an honor for Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa that our Village Spa is ranked number 2 of 62 in the range of Spas & Wellness Centers in the Cancun area according to the well-known page with the owl, Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor.com is the world’s largest platform offering travel-related information, opinions and reviews of hotels, restaurants and excursions, among others, with millions of users.  

We have received a total of 139 comments so far including 126 excellent and 11 very good, a rating that has been achieved due to the total satisfaction of our guests and members. 

Soon we will be in first place and it will be thanks to the exceptional service provided by our staff day-to-day so that all our clients return home happy and relaxed. 

Giselle Sedinger shares more with us about the Village Spa and her experience in this exclusive Q&A   

Meet Giselle Sedinger, the Spa Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancun. She took some time out of her busy schedule to share a little about herself with members.  

Giselle is 27 years old and was born and raised in Cancun. 

Tell us a little bit about your career path? 

I am a graduate of the second generation of physical therapy, health and wellness tourism. Currently, I am the Spa Manager at Villa de Palmar Cancun and also part of the initiatives of the 2030 agenda of the National Youth Council (CONAJO), as national director of the movement for the reduction of inequalities, among other movements in favor of non-violence and altruistic activities.  

I started my career as a practitioner at Grupo Posadas where 2 weeks later they gave me the opportunity to have the position of therapist and put into practice all my physiotherapeutic skills. It was at Posadas where I also began to develop my training skills, later as a spa corporate right-hand woman. I managed two spas within the same group at Live Aqua Boutique and Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta.  

While I managed both spas, as a team we won awards such as the top 10 Best Spas in Mexico, IMNC Certifications (Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification) with quality standards in service, facilities, hygiene, among others. Almost right after leaving Posadas, together with my team at that time, we won FORBES with 100% approval and we were also the only ones of all the properties with that rating, so I knew that my mission in the company had ended.  

For almost a year I looked for the opportunity to be part of TAFER Hotels & Resorts, until finally one day my current leaders, who I thank with all my heart, gave me the opportunity. Today I can say that Villa del Palmar Cancun is the hotel that has given me the most knowledge and where I definitely feel at home.  

What Do You Think Helped Village Spa get such a Good Rating on Tripadvisor? 

Achieving positioning on Tripadvisor has not been an easy task, since it requires a lot of focus with an almost zero margin of error, attention to detail, quality and warmth in service and, above all, monitoring.  

We have focused on paying attention to each guest and member, trying to take our service beyond normal and make it as personalized as possible. We have noticed that as a result, our guests and members are becoming increasingly familiar with our colleagues’ names and this has an impact on our ratings.  

We also offer an impressive range of exclusive treatments and services on our spa menu. Whether you desire a relaxing massage, need deep cleansing, or want to nourish your skin, we offer a tailored range of treatments for every individual need. I think the variety of treatments that we offer helps our rating as well.  

 What Other Factors Do You Think Have Contributed to the Village Spa’s Success? 

We faithfully believe that for a guest to remember your name and take the time to share their experience on an important platform such as Tripadvisor, it is to “leave a mark” and when guests do share their experience it motivates our staff to obtain even better results in their work. 

It is also extremely important to us to keep our staff happy in their work environment so that they can convey that joy and appreciation to our guests and members. It is precisely at that moment when I apply a phrase that I remember every day when I come to work “Happy colleagues, happy clients”. 

What Qualities Make You a Good Leader? 

As a leader, it is important for me to take time to talk with the team, to come every day with enthusiasm and inject positive energy. I tell them a joke at a meeting, smile at them and learn their stories to create a bond of trust and motivation. This trust also results in the staff wanting to take care of their leader and then the team is strengthened. 

Do You Have a Favorite Staff Member on Your Team? 

I couldn’t tell you even if I did (laughs). I can tell you that I am very proud of each one of them because every day they do their work with love, with passion, and effort so that together we succeed in all our tasks. Definitely they are my example to follow and to whom I owe each success that we have achieved together, it is clear to me that without them nothing would be possible and that is the key to success. 

Do You Have a Final Message for the Members? 

We all want to create memorable and unique experiences for our members and help them to return home totally relaxed and happy. We want some day when you smell some aroma similar to that of our spa, you want to return to us and that that always stays in your memory. All our guests and members can be sure that when we receive them, we really appreciate their visit and that we are very fortunate to receive and serve them as they deserve. You can be sure that every day we are creating and innovating ideas to offer you different alternatives and be at the forefront with our treatments, products and services. 

Enjoying a spa treatment is a wonderful way to relax while on vacation and we know that you deserve to be pampered. Allow yourself to escape to the Village Spa situated between the shelter of palm trees and lush vegetation, and let the healing and restoration begin! Book your appointment at the Village Spa today!