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FAQ: How do banked and borrowed points work?

Banking and borrowing vacation use periods or club points is yet another of the wonderful benefits your Club Caribe membership offers. Just imagine that you have a special event like a birthday or special anniversary and wish to invite a number of your family members to join you in your home away from home and don’t have enough points to cover a three bedroom suite or penthouse; you could bank this year’s points entitlement or borrow points from up to 5 years into the future to put towards a larger unit that can accommodate everyone or even extend your stay. Whatever your reasons, Club Caribe makes it easy for you to administer your vacation points to suit you.

How do banked points work?

If you do not use all or any of your annual points allocation in one calendar year, full members can bank up to 100% of annual allocated points for up to five consecutive years to use at a later date, while biennial members can bank points until the next use period. Your banked points can then be used within the next 5 years or biennial use period subject to availability on a first come first served basis.

In order for you to bank your points successfully, you will need to do so before a specified deadline each year, in accordance with the appropriate notice guidelines, otherwise you will be subject to maintenance fees for any unused points or could be charged a fee for a late deposit. Please note that members who are behind on any payments or have not complied with all the correct required documentation may be denied the right to bank points.  

How does borrowing work?

Members are afforded the benefit of being able to borrow use periods or club points for up to five years in advance from the current calendar year while biennial members can borrow the next use period only. Borrowed use periods or club points may be used to reserve accommodations up to two years in advance of the check-in date. Again, your right to use borrowed points is subject to availability on a first come first served basis and are subject to the payment of all maintenance fees for the total number of points borrowed and up-to-date accounts.

Another consideration when borrowing points, is that only 50% of borrowed points can be used towards services such as meal plans and spa services, the remaining percentage must be used for accommodation reservations or banked for the following year.

Please note that the information contained in this post are rough guidelines only, for a more detailed explanation, please consult: The Villa Group – Rules and Regulations Club Caribe, Villa del Palmar booklet, Sections 3.04 and 3.05.



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